SaaS Start-up DigiBoxx Launches DigiFotos, India’s first Photo Backup Service

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Mumbai : DigiBoxx, India’s first digital storage and sharing platform, has upgraded its Android smartphone app with DigiFotos, a feature that automatically uploads photos and videos saved on the phone to a user’s DigiBoxx cloud storage account.

With this major update, DigiBoxx users will now also be able to select which folders on the smartphone should be backed up automatically to their cloud account. All files, including the photos and videos, are stored securely in datacenters located in India. Besides auto syncing images and videos from the smartphone, DigiBoxx users will also be able to organize multimedia files into albums and share them easily with friends and colleagues as well.

With DigiFotos, users will now be able to:

  • Autosync folders on the smartphone to DigiFotos within the DigiBoxx cloud account.
  • Move pictures to the main DigiFotos folder and create albums to organize media within DigiFotos.
  • Share media stored in the cloud as a web link on social media and instant messengers. Premium subscribers can also set a password and an expiration date to the web link.
  • Edit images from within the DigiBoxx Android app. Here, users can crop, adjust contrast/brightness, apply filters, add text and annotate images from within the DigiBoxx app itself.
  • Conserve data usage by configuring DigiFotos auto sync to work over a Wi-Fi connection only.

“DigiFotos answers a need that plagues almost every Indian smartphone user these days – lack of storage and the ability to store personal media files in datacenters located within the country. The DigiBoxx team has ensured that the user experience is also on a par with global alternatives, which includes essential productivity features and competitive plans,” shared Arnab Mitra, CEO, DigiBoxx.

Individuals and freelancers can start using DigiFotos by registering for a free DigiBoxx plan and installing the Android app. The lifetime free plan comes with 20GB cloud storage where 25% is assigned to DigiFotos. In a future update, premium customers will also be able to customize their DigiFotos allocation according to their requirements.

DigiBoxx also provides secure and convenient file storage options for businesses and start-ups as well from various verticals including ad agencies, food & beverages, BFSI, retail, manufacturing, sports and technology.