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Information Warfare is now a reality: Maj. Dhruv Katoch

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New Delhi : “India needs to be aware of its neighbouring countries using Information Warfare as a strategy” said Major General (Retd.) Dhruv C Katoch at the Friday Dialogue organized by the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC). Regional Directors, faculty members and students from all IIMC Regional Centers were present on the occasion.

Expressing views on the topic ‘India’s Preparedness in the age of Information Warfare’, Maj Gen Katoch said that Media has an important role in dealing with anti-India forces. Therefore it is the responsibility of all of us to ensure that such forces do not misuse media against our country. He said that in the modern age of information and technology, the Army needs to make the best use of social media, which has grown faster than we thought. If we cannot keep up with its pace, we will be left behind.

Maj. Gen. Katoch said that Information warfare is now a reality and I believe we should prepare for the fact that information will play an increasingly important role in the field of war. He added that, in today’s world, where fake news and hate news are on the rise, everyone needs to be media literate. The flow of information should be monitored and possibly limited in its early stages. Disinformation narratives would not be able to flourish in national and international debates this way.

The program was moderated by Saloni Saini, Associate, Outreach Activities and the vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Rachna Sharma, Course Director, Digital Media.