3M partnered with Selco India & Selco Foundation to install rooftop solar panel units at 7 Primary Health Centres in Shirur Taluk, Pune

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3M has partnered with Selco India & Selco Foundation to install rooftop solar panel units at seven Primary Health Centres (PHC) in Shirur Taluk, Pune in Maharashtra. With this off the grid solar system, the PHCs are ensured reliable power so that they are able to serve the community with timely healthcare services. The system has been built to satisfy important demands such as vaccination cold chain maintenance, labour rooms, labs, emergencies and strengthening other parts of service delivery. The project has enabled the PHCs to address the health needs of a population of close to 350,000 people residing in the 7 villages of Ranjangaon, Talegaon Dhamre, Karde , Kendur, Kavate, Takle Haji and Nimone . The move to solar energy makes these centers more resilient and shows the lifesaving value of sustainable energy in areas where electricity remains unreliable.


The solar panels equivalent to 60.4kWp have been installed in these PHCs. The average capacity of solar panels installed at each center is about 8-9 kW and the total renewable energy capacity for the seven PHCs is 60.6 kW. Each solar panel unit generates about 8,000-10,000 kwh electricity, annually. Additionally, each unit helps reduce about 6-8 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. Collectively the 7 PHCs will help reduce over 50 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.


“Access to reliable sources of electricity continues to remain a critical infrastructure challenge faced in the rural health care ecosystem. Together with local community support, 3M is committed to strengthen rural primary healthcare centers in communities where we are present. The Solar PHC initiative is a scalable model which may be replicated in other districts in Maharashtra to align with the country’s mission to transition to renewable sources of energy. We are delighted to partner with Selco India & Selco Foundation,” said Ramesh Ramadurai, MD, 3M India.


Before undertaking the project, the needs assessment revealed the current load shedding, power cuts, power sources, power consumption, energy gaps, medical operations conducted at the center, number of patients served and feasibility for installing rooftop panels. These details were taken into consideration before developing the project.


Sudipto Ghosh, Dy General Manager, SELCO India said, “This initiative in partnership with 3M and Selco Foundation demonstrates how rural PHCs can enhance basic and critical-care services with greater access to consistent energy. Decentralized renewable energy has the potential to empower rural healthcare institutions by ensuring uninterrupted power supply, lowering diesel costs and pollution, and boosting financial efficiency. Because they are off-grid solutions, the systems are simple to maintain and meet the current needs of the centres. An important result is increased demand and improved healthcare seeking behaviours among populations that now trust the healthcare available in their villages.”