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Agency Journalism is the purest form of Journalism: Gabriela Cañas

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New Delhi : The Indian Institute of Mass Communication organised a special interaction with Ms. Gabriela Cañas, President of Agencia EFE. Faculty members, staff and students from IIMC, New Delhi were present on the occasion and other regional campuses were connected through Hybrid mode. DG, Prof. Sanjay Dwivedi felicitated and welcomed Ms. Gabriela Cañas and said that EFE is the world’s fourth largest news agency operating in 110 countries and we are glad that Ms. Cañas is between us to share her experience.

While interacting with the students on the subject ‘Functioning of International News Agencies’, Ms. Gabriela said, “Agency Journalism is the purest form of Journalism. It is breaking news, precision and analysis of data journalism.” Adding to it, she said that most of her life she had worked in newspapers but she can assure that news agencies offer added security to journalist’s work.

Aspiring the budding journalist of IIMC, Ms. Cañas said that, it is very easy for the journalist to hide source or manipulate data to be sellable but I think to be a good journalist you have to be a honest person first. Every Journalist should respect the commitment to the society they serve. Speaking about EFE News Agency she said that it is committed to gender parity. Here women make up close to 45% of the workforce. Sharing her plans she stated that EFE wants to increase penetration in Asia, especially India that has the largest democracy in the world. And informed that EFE multimedia services are already distributed in this country through PTI and Dailyhunt streaming platforms.

Gabriela Cañas, on behalf of ‘EFE,’ honoured Prof. Sanjay Dwivedi, Director General of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, on this occasion. Prof. Dwivedi received this award for his outstanding contributions to journalism and media education.

The programme was moderated by Dr. Rachna Sharma, Course Director, Digital Media and the vote of thanks was proposed by Prof. (Dr.) Pramod Kumar, HoD, Outreach Activities, IIMC.