Wiley’s Talent Development Service “Wiley Edge” expands its clientele in India with the launch of a new career pathway

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New Delhi: Aligned with its objective of ‘Shaping Workforces’, Wiley’s global talent development service Wiley Edge has expanded its clientele in India by forging partnerships with new corporate clients based in Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune. Prior to expansion in the country, its corporate partnerships with clients were limited to Bangalore and Mumbai. Wiley Edge’s expanding client base can be attributed to the addition of its new career pathway Banking Services into the already existing tech-focused pathways. Although the banking pathway has been in use globally since 2021, it has recently been introduced in India. The launch of the new pathway enables Wiley Edge to support clients for a wider range of roles in the BFSI domain. Acquired in 2020 by Wiley, a global leader in research and education, Wiley Edge serves pan-India clientele with its rapidly growing corporate talent development services.


According to ManGroup’s report of Talent Shortage 2020, 63% companies in India are facing a shortage of skilled employees, mainly in IT, engineering services and sales. Another study, the ‘National Employability Report for Engineers 2019’ illustrated that over 80% of engineers in India are unfit to take up any job in the knowledge economy. These statistics point to the skills deficit that exists in the workforce especially at the entry level. Organisations find it hard to source and hire skilled talent proficient in the in-demand skills. It is therefore that corporates are increasingly turning to an alternative and complementary source of graduate talent that can take care of all the efforts and risks while helping source and hire skilled talent- something that Wiley Edge intends to continue doing by building a robust network of partners across the country.


The latest addition of Banking Services to Wiley Edge’s long list of existing pathways like Software Development, Production Management, Site Reliability Engineering, Data Science, Cyber security, Data Engineering and Service Desk will enhance its demand and favorability in the market. The latest career pathway will also help support Wiley Edge’s long-term vision of helping clients secure best-fit talent in both tech and non-tech roles.


Ms. Archana Jayaraj, Director, Partnerships and Talent, APAC, Wiley Edge said, “The demand supply talent gap has made it imperative for firms to look for specialized talent solutions, aligned with their needs. At Wiley Edge, we have been working towards addressing this specific problem of widening skill gaps. Our Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) model and re-skill solutions have been crucial in bridging the skills gap in technology by connecting education to the working world. We have also been helping organisations fulfill their DE&I commitments while onboarding new talent.”


“India is a strategic market for us. The increasing demand for skilled and niche talent propelled us to expand our clientele from Bangalore and Mumbai to three new cities. Wiley Edge, currently, has over 500 Alumni graduates working across Fortune 500 companies in India which highlights our efficiency to meet the distinctive demands of our clients. With new client partners and the introduction of Banking pathway, we are expecting a significant rise in both the number of our Alumni graduates, and the number of Alumni getting deployed in Fortune 500 Companies.”


Todd Zipper, Wiley’s executive vice president and general manager of University Services and Wiley Edge said, “The fast-moving digital economy today requires skilled tech talent, capable of navigating challenges and adding a long-term impact on an organisation’s growth. The biggest pain point for some of the world’s leading corporations is a persistent shortage of talent with the critical technology and digital business skills that they need to succeed. At Wiley Edge, we strive to give a meaningful edge to our corporate partners and emerging talent everywhere by using the power of education and helping connect great people to great 21st-century jobs. Our growing roster of clients in India and across the globe will bolster our success. Committed to our objective of shaping workforces, we will continue to find innovative ways to help fill the gap between education and employment.”