VES Consultancy signs an MoU with MVW Network to leverage mutual strengths

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Mumbai : India’s renowned management institution, Vivekananda Educational Society, Mumbai, announces a partnership with MVW Network, a fast-growing business consulting and integrated marketing company for small and medium enterprises with associations across 125 countries. The alliance aims to empower the industry-student community and offer the opportunity to foster educational and industrial development. With this pioneering industry-academia collaboration, the partnership seeks to leverage multiple projects from industries that the student workforce can deploy.

The MoU comprises working closely in education, sharing knowledge, promoting and populating effective use of each of the resources of VES and exploring enhanced opportunities for mutual interest. The partnership will entail support and collaboration for various activities, including entrepreneurship, skilled-based training, internship, and bridging the gap between theories and practical work in the industry. 

Speaking on occasion, Dr Sachin Deshmukh, Director of VES Consultancy and Vivekananda Educational Society, Business School, said, “Strategic collaboration with avenues that facilitate exposure to the industries is an imperative need for students’ growth and orientation. Hyper-growth culture with disruptive technologies has a multifaceted impact in the post-pandemic era. Institutions and academicians constantly need to stay updated with the real-time requirements of the industry. Our partnership with MVW Network for their wide network of small and medium businesses is a step in this direction.” 

Collaboration between industry and academia is noteworthy for catalyzing innovation and growth across sectors. While industries often focus on addressing solutions of near-term commercial value and academia focuses on building new knowledge through research and imparting education to students, the combination can yield accelerated development of breakthroughs.

Regarding the partnership, Rachana Chowdhary, Founder of MVW Network, said, “Learning to evolve is a key priority for businesses today. Our partnership aims to offer focussed training programs for companies, while also offering projects from companies where the students and the educationists can bring in their perspectives. We are delighted and overwhelmed with this partnership, as this strengthens MVW Network to build capacities within the MVW-MSME Development Centre and MediaValueWorks to offer solutions to clients around business consulting and marketing solutions.”


MVW Network can leverage the VES infrastructure, knowledge and insights of 150+ PhD Professors and 2000+ students through this partnership. Students can access newer mandates received by the company for research and evaluation with a recommended workflow by VES Consultancy. The program will hugely benefit the students and help sharpen their observations as they go through management studies. This initiative will help address the unique industry problem statements while ensuring real-time technical exposure to our students.