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Vaccines for study abroad aspirants, in the USA and UK

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The widespread Covid-19 pandemic has crippled the world. With the early onset of the pandemic, travel was banned, which in turn resulted in international study abroad suffering a blow. Towards the end of 2020 and start 2021, the Covid-19 vaccines presented a ray of hope. In India, the vaccine was made available to age groups of 18-44 towards the end of April.


Given the current scenario, some states in India are vaccinating this young age group. Unfortunately, some states, have exhausted their stock of vaccines, resulting in the vaccination drive being halted, for this particular age group. For students who need to be urgently vaccinated, this is a major concern as they need to be fully vaccinated before they travel for their education abroad.  


In recent news, countries like the UK and USA announced that international students, who aren’t vaccinated prior, will be eligible for vaccinations abroad, enabling them to study on campus. This has brought a sense of relief to aspiring students, who may now travel to their study abroad destinations and receive their vaccine there. 


United Kingdom: 


In an attempt to tackle the pandemic, the UK has sped up its vaccination drive and has covered a large portion of its population, within a short period. They aim to bring some sense of normality back into a post-Covid world. 


The country announced that arriving international students, will be given access to free vaccines, based on availability. In the UK, the vaccines that are currently available to students the Pfizer or BioNTech vaccines, sources claim. The UK Universities Minister, Michelle Donelan has confirmed that no charges will be applied to testing or the treatment of COVID-19, for students. She also brought to light the plans to welcome students to universities in UK in a staggered manner over five weeks. Accordingly, those enrolled on practical courses at universities in UK, will be arriving first, followed by students enrolled on other courses abroad


To be on the safer side, students are advised to travel abroad, only after being fully vaccinated. By doing so, they may be able to avoid the 10-day mandatory quarantine that is imposed on those travelling from red-listed countries such as India. Once students arrive, if they are not fully vaccinated, they have to register on the NHS application, which will notify them once a dose becomes available. 



United States of America:


With new-age groups becoming eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, inoculation of these young individuals has been ramped up with a focus on those enrolled to study abroad. A large number of universities in USA have been making it compulsory for aspiring students to be vaccinated for the Fall 2021 intake, before arriving on-campus. 


Keeping up with new updates, the State University of New York and the City University of New York, have emphasized the rule that all students are required to be fully vaccinated before entering campus. Several universitiesin USA are said to be following suit and coming up with their mandates. Restaurants, bars, politicians and corporations are offering promotions to those who take their vaccine shots. For instance, free tickets to million-dollar lotteries, offering free food, alcohol, sporting tickets and more. 


We at Edwise, as study overseas education consultants encourage students who are eligible to take the vaccine to do so as soon as possible. This will help students travel to their destination, and attend classes without any hassle. Contact Edwise for further information or clarifications.