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University of Southampton achieves Gold Accreditation for its hedgehog friendly campus

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The University of Southampton has received recognition for its dedication to protecting hedgehog habitats.

The University’s new Gold Accreditation was awarded to the ‘Hedgehog Friendly Campus’ society, created to help preserve and protect the vulnerable species. This builds upon previous accolades of Bronze and Silver status in previous years and the University has worked hard to continue to work on that status.

The award, organised and run by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, saw the University address a list of challenges that it needed to complete in order to educate the community and support wildlife on campus and wider area.

This included creating a number of hedgehog-friendly habitats such as log piles, completing annual campus hedgehog surveys with free training and resources provided by the University, liaising with the grounds team in order to implement hedgehog-friendly landscaping, holding talks on the nationwide issue of hedgehog decline, hosting regular fundraising initiatives for the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and the promotion of hedgehog-friendly practices among staff and students.

These efforts have resulted in a significant increase in hedgehog sightings on campus and has helped to ensure that this important species continues to thrive.

Holly McIndoe, President of the Southampton Hedgehog Friendly Campus Society, said: “Here at the Hedgehog Friendly Campus Society, we have been working persistently alongside the university, grounds team and Southampton City Council to make our campus safer for hedgehogs. Since being awarded silver accreditation only last year, we have since installed a hedgehog crossing sign on University road and currently liaising with the council to install two government official signs here soon. We have also created a lasting legacy for hedgehogs in Valley Gardens, where you will now find a dedicated hedgehog corner, complete with log piles and hedgehog house which we hope to build up on over the years to come. As well as continuing our surveys and raising awareness, we also managed to fundraise £110 over the last 12 months for the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. All these positive actions are helping to safeguard our threatened hedgehogs for the future.”

The University of Southampton is proud to create and enhances green spaces for the benefit of local wildlife and the University community.

It’s estate in Southampton and Winchester is the size of more than 60 football pitches and throughout the year visitors will see the University’s team of gardeners tending to a variety of landscapes that animals and plants can flourish in.

At Wide Lane Sports Grounds, native hedgerows are developing into a habitat for birds and insects. Elsewhere, the University has planted new oak trees, sown bee-friendly wildflowers and use waste coffee grounds from its cafes as a soil improver.