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University of Mannheim’s MARCIE Offers Start-Up Course For Cultural Workers

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With “Culture goes Start-up”, the Mannheim Research Group in Culture, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MARCIE) offers a four-month course for creative people from all areas of culture who want to learn to think in a target group-oriented and entrepreneurial way.

The course starts at the very beginning of the development process, when designing your own product or service, and ends with an implementable project idea or even an early-stage start-up company. All participants can expect committed and continuous feedback from the course management, the opportunity to network in the German start-up scene and an atmosphere that allows room for new developments. In the course, new skills in the areas of business administration, entrepreneurship and team building can be learned and ideas for financing and implementing the project can be developed. The aim is to develop a real, implementable, customer-oriented project that can be continued after the end of the course.

MARCIE is a cooperation between the chairs of Prof. Dr. Hiram Kümper (Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Period) and Prof. Dr. Michael Woywode (SME research and entrepreneurship) with the participation of the Center for Teaching and Learning (ZLL) and the Center for Teacher Training and Educational Innovation (ZLBI). The aim of the group is to implement innovation-driven entrepreneurship training from and for the cultural and creative sector at the University of Mannheim and to equip innopreneurs with specific specialist knowledge and skills.

The course will be carried out as a pilot project in spring 2023, so there is no participation fee.

Registration is possible until January 25, 2023. The course starts in February 2023.