United States and Honduras Announce Partnerships on Education and Food Security at the U.S.-Honduras Strategic Dialogue

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At the U.S.-Honduras High-Level Strategic Dialogue this week, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced two initiatives in support of Honduras’ economic development:

Expanding Access to Education: USAID and the Government of Honduras announced a new Alliance for Education, which will unite the two governments, the Honduran private sector, and other donors in a joint effort to address the many educational needs of the children and youth of Honduras. In support of this Alliance, USAID intends to provide $28 million over three years, working with Congress and subject to the availability of funds, to launch the new Improving Pathways to Education activity that will increase access to safe, relevant, and quality basic education for at least 300,000 children and youth in Honduras.

As part of the initiative, USAID also intends to provide $5 million over two years to refurbish at least 51 schools, as part of the Alliance’s efforts to increase public-private partnerships for school infrastructure. The Alliance also includes efforts to transform schools into safe spaces in their communities, and to design and launch alternative education modalities to address the high number of youth in Honduras who are not in formal education. The Alliance welcomes participation from other donors and partners and has already garnered pledges from key business groups and $2 million from Taiwan.

Increasing Agricultural Productivity to Support Food Security: As part of the funding to address the global food crisis previously announced at the Summit of the Americas in 2022, USAID is providing $10 million towards increasing agricultural productivity in Honduras, to offset rising fertilizer prices due to Russia’s brutal and unprovoked war in Ukraine. This includes support to improve local production and efficient use of fertilizers for crop production.

USAID remains committed to working in partnership with the Government of Honduras to ensure Hondurans thrive.