UniFarm integrates fiat gateway ONMETA for Indian users

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New Delhi: UniFarm, a leading group staking platform announced a strategic alliance with ONMETA, a Bengaluru based On and Off ramp solutions provider. The partnership is aimed at empowering Indian users with INR-based purchase of tokens for staking. The initiative aims to provide users with a seamless experience of earning passive income by staking at UniFarm (UniFarm DApp).


UniFarm has on boarded Onmeta for on and off-ramp solutions which allow users to purchase tokens without even leaving the platform. Earlier, the users had to navigate across several crypto transactions to buy the $UFARM tokens and stake them at UniFarm. Thanks to the Onmeta integration, it has become easier to buy $UFARM tokens and stake on the UniFarm platform with INR.


Commenting on the development, Mr. Mohit Madan, CEO, and Founder, UniFarm and Oropocket, said “While the fiat transactions on UniFarm DApp in association with Onmeta are limited to buying $UFARM tokens, UniFarm is taking long strides towards enabling fiat-based transactions for other cryptocurrencies as well. Therefore, staking at UniFarm is going to be much more accessible to a variety of users from all financial backgrounds in India. This will help onboard Web2 users to try their hands on a Web3 experience and promote the use cases of Web3 applications. So, it can be said that UniFarm is right on track to achieving its vision of Financial Freedom for all.”


Commenting on the development Mr. Bharath T, Founder, and CEO of, Onmeta, “Simplifying user onboarding is the primary way to expand the Web3 ecosystem and it’s at the forefront of everything that we do here at Onmeta. UniFarm’s vision aligns with ours in that regard and this partnership with UniFarm will help more users to experience staking at UniFarm by using their easy payment modes”.


UniFarm will continue to collaborate with like-minded companies which share its vision of driving the mass adoption of web3-based products and services. UniFarm recently partnered with Liminal, a digital wallet infrastructure platform that enables UniFarm users to securely manage their digital assets and day-to-day transactions.