TimesPro, IIT Jammu launch Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security

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Jammu : TimesPro and the Indian Institute of Technology Jammu have collaborated to launch the Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security for learners to strengthen and master their fundamentals in cyber security and get introduced to advanced concepts, tools, security processes, software, etc. while working on several projects to build an engaging career portfolio.

The 12-month Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security will help learners to identify cyber threats, gain insights into cybersecurity and risk management, data breaches, cloud and network security, design cyber security frameworks, and gain valued insights from academicians and industry experts. Professionals participating in the programme will learn subjects such as Mathematical Foundations and Introduction to Cryptography, Computer Networking Fundamentals, Operating Systems Fundamentals, Web Application and Network Security, Multimedia, and Digital Forensics, among others.

According to reports, by 2025, global cybercrime losses are projected to cost $10.5 trillion annually. Rapid digitalisation has increased the demand for cybersecurity professionals. The Indian market is expected to develop at a CAGR of 8.05 per cent to reach $3543.37 million by 2027. There is a constant threat to organisations due to ransomware and cyber-attacks, and TimesPro-IIT Jammu’s Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security can address the growing demand for experts and ethical hackers to safeguard organisational interests.

Speaking at the announcement, Anish Srikrishna, CEO, TimesPro, said, “Digitalisation has become an inseparable part of business operations across organisations and economies. Digital assets have become vulnerable to threats and cyber-attacks owing to their numerous benefits. To protect their interests, organisations today seek a highly skilled and specialised workforce. The TimesPro-IIT Jammu Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security would prepare learners for specialised roles by providing them with cutting-edge skills in building protective frameworks, safeguarding assets, and implementing countermeasures to mitigate threats.”

Prof. Manoj Singh Gaur, Director at IIT Jammu said, “This programme is a stepping stone for professionals to gain valued insights and skills to accelerate their career in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity experts and ethical hackers are architects in building secured networks for organisations against threats, and this programme prepares learners for a prolific career in this field.”

Parikshit Markanday, Chief Growth & Partnership Officer, TimesPro, Prof. Rakesh Singhai, Dr. Gaurav Varshney and faculty members from IIT Jammu attended this launch event recently at the main campus of IIT Jammu in Jagti, Jammu, J&K.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security will be conducted via TimesPro’s state-of-the-art Interactive Learning (IL) platform and delivered in Direct-to-Device (D2D) mode, including six days of campus immersion session during the year. The programme follows a proven pedagogy of diverse learning tools and techniques, including lectures, discussions, projects, and assignments, and includes over 100 hours of self-learning.