The World Design Council Appoints Country Head to Strengthen its Presence in India

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New Delhi- The World Design Council (WDC), a non-governmental organization that promotes design thinking and design education globally, has appointed Mr. Philip Thomas as Country Head to further strengthen its presence in India. Mr. Thomas comes with nearly 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in media and design education, which will further enhance WDC’s initiatives in India.


WDC is already working globally with various governments to assist in design education policy implementation and hosting design festivals. With Mr. Thomas’s appointment, WDC aims to extend its support to state governments, industry bodies, and institutions in India to adapt appropriate design practices and create the next generation of design thinkers by supporting schools and colleges.


According to Paula Gazzard, Chair of the World Design Council, “India could further fuel its growth by taking advantage of design to boost its economy. Our core focus will be to create a curriculum for design thinking and help schools and colleges in India set up design clubs in their institutions.”


Mr. Thomas’s appointment as Country Head will also enable WDC to extend its global curriculum for design thinking and promote the establishment of design clubs in schools and colleges across India. With this initiative, WDC aims to create a platform for students to learn and develop their design skills, contributing to the growth of the design industry in India.

“I am excited to join the World Design Council and look forward to working towards creating a platform for design education and promoting design thinking in India,” said Mr. Philip Thomas, Country Head, World Design Council.


In December, Dr. Paula Graham, Chair of the World Design Council (WDC), had productive discussions with the Chief Ministers of Kerala and Karnataka regarding extending the global curriculum for design thinking and helping schools and colleges set up design clubs in their institutions. She also handed over a support letter to the Chief Ministers.


The World Design Council’s appointment of Mr. Philip Thomas as Country Head marks a significant step towards strengthening its presence in India and promoting design education in the country.