Technical University of Munich sign agreement; Student Research Center Berchtesgadener Land enters its second decade

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During its first ten years, the fascinating science and technology at the Student Research Center Berchtesgadener Land (SFZ) has attracted several thousands of young children and youth visitors. Financing for the next ten years has now been ensured. District Administrator Bernhard Kern and TUM President Prof. Thomas F. Hofmann signed a corresponding agreement on Thursday in Munich.

The Student Research Center Berchtesgadener Land (SFZ) provides secondary school students of all levels early first contact with research and raises interest in scientific questions – especially in natural and engineering sciences fields. Its declared objective is to inspire young children and youth to discover independent research and project work and to support their career and university studies decisions.

Under the scientific leadership of TUM, the SFZ is an extracurricular place of learning that for the first time in the State of Bavaria links the pedagogical duties of elementary and secondary schools with the research and teaching duties of a public university. The focus is on the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, also known as “MINT” in Germany). In addition, non-university educational institutions have been integrated and business enterprises have also become involved. TUM also uses the SFZ as a continuing education center for university education and as a competence center for teacher training.

Inspiration für die Wissenschaft
President Hofmann praised the SFZ: “Together we have created a unique marketplace for motivation and inspiration with regard to science. Germany’s future as a location for innovation and science depends on making more young people enthusiastic about research. I am therefore very pleased that we will be able to continue with this successful project. My particular gratitude goes to scientific director Prof. Claudia Nerdel and SFZ support association chair Engelbert Sellmaier, whose outstanding personal commitment keeps the Student Research Center moving forward.”

District Administrator Kern said at the signing ceremony: “I’m extremely glad that we have today secured the continued existence of an institution which over the years has established itself as a permanent fixture in the educational landscape of the Berchtesgadener Land district.”