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SSN Institutions & Shiv Nadar University Chennai announces its Flagship Technical Fest INVENTE’ 22

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Chennai:  SSN Institutions & Shiv Nadar University Chennai takes immense pride in announcing its flagship tech-fest, INVENTE’22, which is planned to take place on November 3 and 4, 2022. This nationwide symposium is expected to get a huge response from diverse students around the country since it is happening on campus after two long years of Covid.


Invente – a nexus of Innovation, Creativity, and Entertainment, is a 2-day intercollegiate technical fest that aims to encourage quick-witted and zealous students to find their feet and think beyond academics to help them discover their hidden passions, and talents and to find their calling. It is a space for tech-savvy, fun-loving puzzle solvers to flaunt their abilities to the world.

From the past 

Ever since 2016, Invente has been exposing the inventiveness, creativity, and forward-thinking of the students. In Invente, we aim to live up to our motto, “Create, Sustain and Elevate” and this gets better and better, year after year. Every year, the college witnesses a footfall of about 3000 students. With 48 technical events, 16 non-technical events, 3 workshops, and a 24-hour hackathon, Invente’22 is all set to soar up higher than ever amongst the student community.

The college extends its warm welcome to students to try their hand at tech events. If you think the fest is only for studious students out there, indeed not. Even if it’s your first time, do visit to try out a plethora of competitions and we guarantee you this won’t be of any regret. Visit the website, glance at the multiplex event options, register, and join us on November 3 and 4 to pen down wonderful memories later that night.

Registration Details 

To be a part of this extraordinary technical extravaganza, register on the website