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Spotflock Co-Founder Sridhar Seshadri wins Top 20 DeepTech Influencers Award 2022

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Hyderabad : With DeepTech in demand, people are turning towards DeepTech influencers to stay updated and to know their views on the emerging trends. DeepTech Central Global, a nonprofit organization, focused on curating and enabling the best of the Deep Technology information has listed out top global DeepTech influencers across the globe to know and follow in 2022.

Sridhar Seshadri, CEO & Co-Founder, Spotflock Technologies Private Limited, a deep tech company which specializes in AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, with headquarters in Milpitas, California, and product engineering and innovation in Hyderabad was honoured with Top 20 DeepTech Influencers Award 2022.

Sridhar is a BITS, Pilani & UT Austin Alumnus and has worked for companies like Facebook and EA Sports, led the Product Insights and Predictive Analytics function, and was the recipient of The CEO’s EA Spotlight Award for Driving Innovation. His experience covers Technology, Web 3.0, Public Policy, Leadership, and Products in Machine Learning, NLP, CV, Social, Mobile, Blockchain, & Cloud. Sridhar not just has a high reach and followership online he is popular among GenZ start-up founders as DeepTech mentor.

Spotflock currently has three business verticals: the first is core AI, business analytics, business intelligence, and block chain-based solutions; the second is sports vertical; the third is healthcare. Spotflock is collaborating with multiple State and National government entities in India, as well as private entities, to investigate the possibility of applying intelligent, transparent, and ethical deep tech technologies. The company is also heavily involved with the Government of Haryana on a variety of initiatives, ranging from the establishment of a Centre of Excellence for Haryana State to the processing of nearly two crore records using AI capabilities.

20 Most Followed DeepTech Global Influencer Award has been conferred to scholars, entrepreneurs, and industry experts by DeepTech Central Global Forum for every year. In 2022, the jury comprised veterans from different walks of life – healthcare, fintech, martech, edtech, retail etc.; they voted using an auditable Ethereum-based web 3.0 voting system. Individuals from different regions were awarded based on their contributions globally and the impact created with the Deep Tech.