Raising a Mathematician, Pravaha Foundation & Mahindra University come up with a 10 day free training program, Math.Biz

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Raising A Mathematician Foundation, Pravaha Foundation and Mahindra University, will be jointly conducting a 10-day Free of Cost residential training camp – ‘Math.Biz’. This national level training camp will be conducted from June 19-28, 2023 at Mahindra University, Hyderabad. Math.Biz is a camp for the students of grades 9 to 12 who have a strong interest in learning about application of Mathematical principles in finance, economics, business, and management and connects them to high school level mathematical concepts.

R. Hariharan, Co-Founder of Raising a Mathematician said, “Since last 10 years, through Raising A Mathematician Foundation we have been bringing opportunities for school students to see the bigger and wider spectrum of Mathematics. Through our free-of-cost residential programs like Raising A Mathematician Training Program and online programs like All Girls Math Nurture Camp, thousands of high school students from Leh to Andaman and Assam to Gujarat, have benefited by getting exposed to Math beyond the school and Olympiad curriculum. In these camps, students get a peer group who are deeply passionate about Math and top faculty across different continents who are from varied domains. Every year we see how domains like data science, AI, ML, etc. are growing and there’s a dire need that students who have a high potential be identified and exposed to such topics. Keeping this objective in mind, RAM (Raising A Mathematician) is now coming up with a 10-day free-of-cost residential training program ‘Math.Biz’.”

Around 100 students will be selected from schools across India through a selection test scheduled on April 2nd, 2023. Selected students will be attending this residential training camp for free. The camp aims at enhancing comprehension of high school mathematics and its practical applications in the real-world perspective and provides opportunities to learn from and engage with renowned faculty in the field. Students attending the camp will develop a deeper understanding of the role of mathematics in the business world while also developing critical thinking skills and connecting with a network of peers and experts in the field.

On 28th February, the results of the International Math Olympiad were declared. This is a 1-month residential rigorous camp in which the top 52 students who qualify the Indian National Math Olympiad (where top 600 students from Indian Olympiad Qualifier Mathematics are selected). Out of the 52 students, 10 have been part of Raising A Mathematician (out of which 4 have been part of the Olympiad Training and 9 part of Raising A Mathematician training program. More about the camp on www.raisingamathematician.com Last date to apply: March 26th, 2023.