Quixy Named in Nucleus’s LCAP Technology Value Matrix 2022

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Mumbai  – Quixy, the No-Code Process Automation and Enterprise Application Development platform, announced that Nucleus Research has named it in their Low Code Application Platforms (LCAP) Value Matrix 2022.


According to Nucleus Research, “LCAPs have proven to accelerate the DevOps cycle for professional developers and enable business users within the design, build, test, and publish phases to alleviate the burden of IT teams. LCAP use cases have expanded beyond internal process automation and have become revenue drivers for financial services, professional services, and technology providers alike.”


Quixy differentiates itself from the competition by being an ‘Advanced’ No-Code Platform enabling business users to build complex and comprehensive enterprise-grade applications without writing any code. Founded in 2019, Quixy currently serves customers worldwide in over fifteen industry verticals, each having its unique requirements and use cases.


“Low-Code No-Code application platforms are rapidly gaining importance as part of the enterprise IT stack. Companies are benefiting by increasing overall agility and filling functionality gaps in their existing digital ecosystems, leveraging the simplified tools to deliver new applications more quickly than traditional full-code practices“, said Vivek Goel, Vice President – Marketing at Quixy. “Using Quixy, business users, with no prior software programming experience, can build simple to complex business apps with an intuitively designed visual interface. This method is useful in fostering employees’ problem-solving mindset while enhancing their creativity and job satisfaction. Quixy’s position in the Nucleus Value Matrix is a testimony of the value Quixy, as an LCAP platform, is adding to its customers and the role it’s playing in their digital transformation journeys.”


Earlier this month, Quixy was ranked the #1 Drag and Drop Builder for the fourth time in a row in G2’s Fall 2022 Reports. Quixy has also been positioned as a leader in categories including  Digital Process Automation, Business Process Management, and Workplace Innovation Platforms in the G2’s Momentum Reports for Fall 2022.


Quixy has also been named in Forrester’s Now Tech Report for General-Purpose Low-Code Development Platforms and Gartner’s VoC Report for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP).

For more information about Quixy and how Quixy is enabling digital transformation for its customers, please visit https://quixy.com/.