PM Modi addresses ceremony commemorating 1111th ‘Avataran Mahotsav’ of Bhagwan Shri Devnarayan Ji in Bhilwara, Rajasthan

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New Delhi: The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressed the ceremony commemorating the 1111th ‘Avataran Mahotsav’ of Bhagwan Shri Devnarayan Ji in Bhilwara, Rajasthan today. The Prime Minister performed mandir darshan and parikrama and also planted a neem sapling. He also performed Purnahuti in the ongoing Vishnu Mahayagya at Yagya Shala. Bhagwan Shri Devnarayan Ji is worshipped by the people of Rajasthan, and his followers are spread across the length and breadth of the country. He is revered especially for his work towards public service.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister expressed happiness in getting the opportunity to be present on the auspicious occasion. The Prime Minister emphasised that he has not come here as a Prime Minister but as a pilgrim who wishes to seek the blessing of Bhagwan Shri Devnarayan Ji. He also expressed gratitude for being able to perform ‘purnahuti’ in the ongoing Vishnu Mahayagna at the Yagya Shala. “I feel blessed by getting ‘darshan’ of both Devnarayan ji and ‘Janta Janardan’”, the Prime Minister said. “Like every other pilgrim who is here, I seek blessings from Bhagwan Shri Devnarayan Ji for the constant development of the nation and welfare of the poor”, the Prime Minister further remarked.

Highlighting the grand occasion of the 1111th Avataran Diwas of Bhagwan Shri Devnarayan, the Prime Minister noted the cultural programmes that are taking place here for the past week and the active participation of the Gurajar community. He praised the efforts of every individual in the community and congratulated them on the occasion.

Referring to the continued ancient flow of Indian consciousness, the Prime Minister said that India is not just a land mass but is an expression of our civilization, culture, harmony and possibilities. He talked about the resilience of the Indian civilization as many other civilizations could not adapt to the changing times and perished. Despite many efforts taking place to break India geographically, culturally, socially and ideologically, no power could finish India, Shri Modi said.

“The India of today is laying the foundations for a grand future”, the Prime Minister said as he credited the strength and inspiration of the Indian society that preserves the immortality of the nation. Throwing light on the contributions of the strength of the society in the thousand-year-old journey of India, the Prime Minister noted the energy that stems from within the society in every period of history and acts as the guiding light for everyone.

The Prime Minister said that Bhagwan Shri Devnarayan always gave precedence to service and people’s welfare. The Prime Minister recounted Shri Devnarayan’s devotion to the people’s welfare and his choice of service to humanity. “Path shown by Bhagwan Devnarayan is of ‘Sabka Vikas’ through ‘Sabka Saath’ and the country, today, is following the same path”. The Prime Minister said. For the past 8-9 years the country is trying to empower every section that has remained deprived and neglected. We are moving with the mantra of ‘precedence to the deprived’, the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister recalled the time when there was huge uncertainty about the availability and quality of ration for the poor. Today, he said, every beneficiary is getting full ration and getting it free. The Ayushman Bharat scheme has addressed the worry about medical treatment. He said, “We are also addressing the poor section’s concern about housing, toilet, gas connection and electricity”, he said. Underlining the financial inclusion that has taken place in recent years, the Prime Minister said that the doors of banks are open for everyone.

The Prime Minister opined that no one knows the worth of water as much as Rajasthan. He lamented that even after many decades of independence, only 3 crore families had received tapped water connections in their homes and more than 16 crore families had to struggle for water on a daily basis. With the efforts of the Central Government in the last three and half years, the Prime Minister informed that more than eleven crore families have received tapped water connections so far. He also mentioned the holistic work that is being carried out in the country to supply water to agricultural fields. “Be it the expansion of traditional ways or adoption of new technologies for irrigation, the farmers are supported in every step”, the Prime Minister said as he informed about the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme through which Rs 15000 crores have been directly transferred in the bank accounts of the farmers of Rajasthan.

Referring to Bhagwan Devnarayan’s campaign to make ‘Gau Seva’ a medium of social service and social empowerment, the Prime Minister pointed out the growing spirit of Gau Seva in the country. He mentioned the nationwide vaccination campaign for foot and mouth disease, the establishment of Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog and Rashtriya Gokul Mission. “‘Pashu Dhan’ (Cattles) are key parts of our rural economy apart from being integral to our faith and tradition, that is why, for the first time, Kisan Credit Card has been extended to the animal husbandry segment and herders”, the Prime Minister asserted. Similarly, the Gobardhan scheme is turning waste to wealth.

Recalling the Paanch Prans during his address to the nation on Independence Day last year, the Prime Minister reiterated the objective of taking pride in our own heritage, breaking the slavery mentality, keeping our responsibilities towards the nation in mind, remembering the martyrdom of the freedom fighters and walking the path shown by our ancestors. He underlined that Rajasthan is a land of heritage where one can find the excitement of creation and celebration, where one can find charity in labour, where bravery is a household ritual and the land is synonymous with colours and ragas.

Shri Modi noted the sterling contribution of personalities like Tejaji to Pabuji, Gogaji to Ramdevji, Bappa Rawal to Maharana Pratap and said great personalities, leaders and local deities from this land have always guided the country. The Prime Minister, especially, noted the contribution of the Gurjar community which has always been synonymous with valour and patriotism. “Be it national defence or protection of culture, the Gurjar community has played the role of protector in every period”, he said and gave examples of Krantiveer Bhoop Singh Gurjar also known as Vijay Singh Pathik who led the inspiring Bijolia Kisan Movement. Shri Modi also recalled the contribution of Kotwal Dhan Singh ji and Jograj Singh ji. He also underlined the bravery and contribution of Gurjar women and paid tributes to Rampyari Gurjar and Panna Dhai. “This tradition continues to flourish even today. It is the country’s misfortune that such countless fighters could not get the place they deserve in our history. But New India is rectifying these mistakes of the past decades”, he added.

The Prime Minister emphasised the importance of the new generation of the Gujjar community in taking forward the message of Bhagwan Devnarayan Ji and his teachings. He noted that it will empower the Gujjar community as well and it will help the country to move forward. Underlining that the period of the 21st century is significant for the development of Rajasthan, the Prime Minister emphasised the need to unite and work for the development of the country. “Today the whole world is looking towards India with great hope”, the Prime Minister said. He further added that the pride of this land of warriors has also increased with India’s show of strength in the whole world. “Today, India speaks on every major platform of the world with unfettered confidence while reducing its dependence on other countries. We have to live up to the expectations of the world by proving our resolutions”, the Prime Minister remarked as he expressed faith in succeeding with the blessings of Bhagwan Devnarayan Ji and Sabka Prayas (everyone’s effort).

In conclusion, the Prime Minister noted the coincidence that in the 1111th year of Bhagwan Devnarayanji who appeared on a lotus, India assumed the presidency of G-20 whose logo also shows the lotus carrying the earth. He concluded by paying tributes to the social energy and atmosphere of devotion on the occasion.

Union Minister of State for Culture, Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal, Head Priest of Malaseri Dugri, Shri Hemraj Ji Gurjar and Member of Parliament, Shri Subhas Chandra Baheria among others were present on the occasion.