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Organic Chemistry is one of the subjects where before studying anything, you must know the proper approach. Not following the right approach leads us to a lot of hassle.

In that situation, we keep studying more and more things but still, we don’t see any improvement in our marks. I struggled the same way until I found my own proper approach that fetched me 98/100 in CHEMISTRY BOARDS and 99.79%tile in JEE MAINS in Chemistry.

Here is my 5-page strategy. If you follow this properly you will see a massive spike in your marks with a much lesser effort.

Page 1: On this page, we will write only the name REACTIONS of the whole organic chemistry. There are not many name reactions and all should be remembered by heart.

Page 2: We will write all the REAGENTS of organic chemistry, clearly mentioning the functional group on which they work, the conditions in which they work, and what change they bring about in the reactants.

Page 3: There are many TESTS in organic chemistry. Rather than studying all the tests in bits and pieces, we should compile them into a single page. While writing the reactions of the tests, don’t forget to write the complete balanced equation. We shall clearly mention any color changes, gas evolution, any special compound formation, or any small change.

Page 4: On this page, we will write the ORDERS like the order of boiling point, order of stability, order of acidity, order of basicity, order of SN1/SN2 reaction, order of hyperconjugation, and resonance. In this, we will write the criteria or the rule that we will use to determine the order.

Page 5: Organic Chemistry has some facts and factual questions are also asked. Mainly all the facts are directly picked from NCERT paragraphs. We should write the important facts in the same language.

This is the basic material we should have before diving deep into the vast sea of question practice. Whenever we solve the questions, we will use these notes as a reference in order that these notes make an indelible impression in our minds.


Revision is the integral and irreplaceable component of JEE MAINS and BOARD preparation. The more we revise, the more are our chances to shoot up our marks.

MAJOR MISTAKES WHILE REVISION: Most aspirants merely look at the notes. We have to speak and revise, not only speak, at the same time we have to write what we are speaking.