NUS Medicine and CNA developed documentaries about the School’s Translational Research Programmes

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NUS Medicine, in partnership with Channel NewsAsia, has developed a series of four documentaries on research work from the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. Find out how a few of the School’s Translational Research Programmes (TRPs) are addressing priority health concerns of Singapore and beyond.

From research on immunology and nanomedicine to cancer and cardiovascular diseases, our researchers have come forward to share their journeys, aspirations and motivations on finding a cure for dengue, turning milk into medicine for gut diseases, personalised therapies for cancer patients and how they shape the future of cardiovascular health.

Read and watch Cure For Dengue Fever? here, that showcases how Assoc Prof Paul MacAry and his team from the Immunology TRP managed to identify and isolate a potent human antibody that can destroy the dengue virus within hours.

Read and watch Turning Milk into Medicine for Gut Diseases here, on how Asst Prof Wang Jiong-Wei and his team from the Nanomedicine TRP extract a milk nanoparticle to treat inflammatory bowel disease.

Read and watch How Personalised Medicine Improves Cancer Treatment here that tells the story of the cancer journey of 24-year-old Donavan, and how it has spurred doctors on to find an effective cancer treatment to treat patients suffering from similar cancers.

Watch Rediscovering the Heart, the first and second parts on demand here, as researchers from the Cardiovascular TRP race against time to find root causes for heart conditions and devise cures for heart diseases.