New location for international students in Neukölln: Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) unveils new campus

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Today, the Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) announced the opening of its new campus in “Alte Post” in Neukölln district of Berlin. At the new location, more than 3,000 students from over 100 nations will be able to choose from the broad range of courses offered by the international education provider in the future. In Berlin, the business school offers 19 bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes on current business topics, marketing and finance. Since September, degrees in psychology and engineering have also been available.


BSBI officially launched in 2018 with a group of nine students; 4 years later, with a growing student body and expanding portfolio of programmes, the school has outgrown its original campus in Potsdamer Strasse. In “Alte Post”, BSBI will create a connection with the area through the historic building, whilst the modern interior and facilities will allow for the education of the professionals of tomorrow, paying homage to the past while investing in the future.


District Mayor Martin Hikel recognizes the institution’s commitment to the district


On the occasion of the opening of the new campus, students and representatives of BSBI met yesterday, Tuesday, in the historic building of the former main post office “Alte Post”.


Sagi Hartov, CEO of GUS Germany and Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of BSBI welcomed the guests: “We are thrilled to reveal our new campus and to become part of this fast-growing neighborhood. Neukölln attracts young people from diverse backgrounds, something that reflects our student body, and as an innovative area in constant development it’s the perfect location for our programmes and cutting-edge teaching, preparing students for the modern workplace. This is a remarkable day not only for BSBI, but for GUS Germany as well as we deepen and renew our presence in Berlin.”


The district mayor of Neukölln, Martin Hikel, emphasized the joy of the new opening of the “Alte Post” location by BSBI, mentioning: “It is an important and encouraging signal for Neukölln that life is returning to the “Alte Post”. The new campus on Karl-Marx-Strasse, the artery of our district, enriches the historic center of Neukölln.”


Professor Dr Kyriakos Kouveliotis, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, said: “We went from teaching 1,000 hours 4 years ago to now teach around 30,000 hours across 50 programmes at all levels. Due to this incredible growth, our old campus had become too small to host all our activities and we needed a space suitable for our students’ ambitions.”


Art, a bear as a presenter and a successful celebration


After the official part of the programme, the guests were able to get an idea of the modern premises of the expanding educational institution. A foretaste of how diverse and lively things will soon be in the newly occupied 17,000 square meters of the old post office building was offered by the supporting programme. The evening was hosted by a hologram of BESBI, BSBI Bubby Bear Berlin mascot, international artist Victor Ash unveiled a work of art created especially for BSBI, and celebrations with staff, students and guests continued throughout the evening.