Narayana Health’s Surgeons Avert a lifetime disability Threat; 11-Yr-Old Boy Reclaims Amputated Arm in a Most ComplexReplantation Surgery

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A farming accident that could have resulted in a lifetime of disability was turned around by a team of experienced surgeons and doctors at Narayana Health Orthopaedics, Spine and Trauma Care. An 11-year-old boy, Charan, from Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh, accidentally amputated his upper forearm while trying to dislodge a wooden stick from a grass-cutting machine. However, thanks to the quick response from his parents and the team at Narayana Health City, Charan was able to reclaim his amputated arm.

After a life-threatening incident, Charan was taken to a local medical college, where he received primary treatment, and was then referred to Narayana Health City for further treatment. The team of doctors led by Dr Ravi D R, Dr Sudarshan Reddy,DrVikasEllur, Dr Prasad K N, Dr Mayur Shetty, and DrRakeshKoudki, and DrVijuWilben immediately conductedthe replantation surgery. Despite the fact that Charan’s amputated arm had been separated from his body for more than six hours, the experienced team of doctors responded quickly and successfully conducted the complex six-hour surgery, involving microsurgical repair of all injured structures of the hand to re-establish blood flow to amputated part.

Dr Ravi D R, who led the surgical team, said, “Replantation of limbs has a higher rate of success when conducted within the golden period of 6 hours, however in Charan’s case was particularly challenging due to the type of injury, a crush avulsion cut, and the young age of the boy along with the distance to travel, which makes the surgery even more difficult.We decided to take the challenge and perform the replantation surgery on him. Our team of Plastic surgeons and orthopaedics have successfully replanted amputated hands that have reached us with Master Charan after more than 6 hours from the time of injury.”


After the complex surgery, Charan was under intensive observation and medication for ten days to prevent complications. Fortunately, he had no difficulties in post-operative period and was discharged in stable condition with a viable hand.He is expected to have a complete recovery over a 9-12 Month period.

Charan’s parents were grateful for the successful surgery and thanked the team of doctors at Narayana Health for their efforts. The surgery has given Charan a new lease on life, and he can look forward to a future with a fully functioning hand. “At the time of referral to Narayana Health, we were told by well-wishers that our son’s life would not only be saved, but he can get back his hand as well. Their confidence gave us a lot of hope and we are very that Charan would lead a normal-active life without any disability,” said the jubilant parents of Charan.

Citing Charan’s case, Narayana Health’s team urged people to be aware of Six-Hours Golden Period if such incidents unfortunately occur. Surgery within the golden hour period can make the task of surgeons a bit easier. However, Indian surgeons have time and again shown their extraordinary expertise which ismanifested in this case too.

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