Mumbai Educational Trust (MET) and Delphic Council of Maharashtra Celebrate 28 Years of International Delphic Movement

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Mumbai Educational Trust (MET) partnered with the International Delphic Council and Delphic Council of Maharashtra formed the Delphic Art Wall at its campus in Bandra on 15 December 2022. It even marked the celebration of 28 years of the International Delphic Movement.

Mumbai Educational Trust (MET) in association with International Delphic Council forming the Delphic Art Wall also celebrating 28 years of Delphic Movement in the presence of celebrities and delegates


Thousands of students from MET Institutes and MET Rishikul Vidyalaya (MRV) participated in the Delphic Art Wall. It was a Unity Project and a global attempt to make a record for the longest Art Wall, running 11 kilometres by 2025. On this occasion MET, a more than 30 years old recognized educational league, also announced Delphic Clubs for School and College Students that will further strengthen their contribution towards the cultural cause. The Delphic Games even referred to the Twin Sisters of the Olympic Games. Delphic is to arts and culture equivalent to what the Olympics is to physical sports. The Delphic Games in modern bits are hosted and driven by the International Delphic Council based in Berlin.


The Delphic Movement promotes harmony in the community via artistic engagement to boost Art and Culture. The Live Art Wall Canvas Painting of 70 Meters by MET and MET Rishikul Vidyalaya’s students portrayed the art and culture of Maharashtra around the theme of ‘Water’. The paintings made at MET have further ties with various states and countries to develop an 11 kilometers long Art Wall at the time of the Delphic Games in an attempt to make an entry in Guinness Book of World Records.


The event was inaugurated with a live painting by the world renowned calligraphy artist from Maharashtra Mr. Achyut Palav and Artist Mr. Nilesh Mohite in the presence of Mr. Pankaj Bhujbal, Hon. Trustee, MET, Mrs. Vishakha Bhujbal, Senior Management Representative, MET and Mr. Ramesh Prasanna, Secretary General, International Delphic Council. Ms. Soumni Paul, Vice President, Hungama Music, Core Members of Delphic Council Maharashtra, Mr. Suresh Thomas, President, Maharashtra Delphic Council, Ms. Anuja Sahai, Mr. Abhijeet Bhujbal, Mr. Ali Akbar Rizvi, Ms. Sejal Gala, Ms. Dipti Shah, and Mr. Susheel Mistry also graced the inaugural ceremony.


The carnival witnessed diverse kinds of Folk and Tribal dances like Tarpa Dance, Dhol Dance, and Nandi Dance performances expressing the Arts and Culture of Maharashtra by students of MET and MRV. This International Delphic Movement even featured a Fashion Show portraying outfits that showcase Maharashtra’s culture in sync with the Delphic Art wall live paintings by MET’s students.


Mr. Pankaj Bhujbal, Hon. Trustee MET expressed his delight on the Delphic as an idea attempting to unite the world via Arts & Culture. He said, “MET as an institution that offers programmes and courses is based on the premise of values rooted in our Culture and therefore Arts that express our Cultures. We find the Delphic Movement a valuable resource to give our students the global platforms they deserve.” Mrs. Vishakha Bhujbal, Senior Management Representative, MET said, “Art and Culture are deeply connected with who we are. I am delighted that MET and the Delphic Council of Maharashtra are partnering together to showcase various forms of Maharashtra’s Art and Culture at the world forum.”


Mr. Ramesh Prasanna, Secretary General of the International Delphic Council, a Cultural Entrepreneur, and the founder of the Art School, expressed, “I’d love to tell you that the foundation of the Mumbai Education Trust (MET) is about bringing a cultural value system into children who study with you. The International Delphic Council completely subscribes to that statement since we are based on the idea of the Delphic spirit.” He also added, “When we are talking about a school year is what a wonderful gathering – we are talking about the very core values that we require to be able to grow as human beings. One of the core values is love which is about the spiritual balance between you and the universe & the rest of you; that is why we go to schools & have these Cultural Value Systems with us.”


Dr. G. Nagashree, Principal, MET Rishikul Vidyalaya likewise represented her views. She said, “MET, a proud institute that offers global qualifications, MRV has contributed to the healthy development of learners. At MRV, not just education is endless, significant and joyful for students but also a premise that values our Arts and Culture consistently.”


In general, the Delphic Art Movement at MET and MRV gives students an opportunity to unveil and symbolize Maharashtra’s rich Art and Culture. The Delphic Clubs at MRV School and MET Institutes will continue to serve as a platform to encourage Arts and Cultural exhibits amongst the learner community.