Master Spellers and Oxford University Press collaborate to revolutionise English language learning via spelling bee competition

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New Delhi: Everybody loves a challenge, even if they accidentally learn something in the process! The spelling Bee competition is a time-tested and time-tried concept for language learning. Master Spellers announces collaboration with Oxford University Press India to organize MASTER SPELLERS 2023-24 competition.

Master Spellers, a new-age online Spelling Bee competition aims to provide a comprehensive approach to learning English in a self-motivated competitive framework. Designed by English educators and powered by content from the Oxford University Press, the competition is envisioned to foster a fraternity of young spellers and language learners. Master Spellers 2023-24 targets to enhance language learning by providing a comprehensive, self-motivated, and holistic approach for the learners. The registrations for the spelling bee begin on 10th April 2023 and will include preliminaries, quarterfinals, semifinals and the final competitions across seven groups from grades 1 to 12. The winners will get prizes, trophies, and certificates. The students may register individually or via schools at

Spearheading the competition, Sharmishtha Chawda, founder and CEO of Master Spellers believes in making language learning an intrinsic attitude for children. She says, “All in all, our objective is to make language learning fun and inspiring for children through the competition. In today’s times, the growing importance of rich vocabulary and effective articulation cannot be understated.”

Sumanta Datta, MD, Oxford University Press India said, “Competitions are effective in improving student interaction, increasing cognitive and social engagement levels, promoting good language learning habits and building vocabulary through repeated practice. Master Spellers is a platform to create a positive impact on students’ engagement with learning English outside the classroom. We, at Oxford University Press, are committed to developing quality resources to improve our children’s linguistic competence and provide a more enriching learning experience. ”

Master Spellers are power-packed with interesting and challenging rounds that will strengthen students’ spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, and articulation while they compete through the various levels of competition. As schools look to integrate their co-curricular activities with external competitions like spelling bee, Master Spellers has been the go-to partner as it offers the perfect co-curricular solution that schools seek. Each level is packed with exciting, challenging and child-friendly rounds like Synonyms, Scrambled words, Anagrams, Phonetics, Choosing the Odd One Out, Test Your Vocabulary, Choose the Correct Preposition, Word Often Confused etc. These rounds will make learning extremely engaging and fun for the participants.