KL Deemed to be University Hyderabad Faculty Files Patent to develop Detection Systems for Deforestation Vigilance

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Two faculty members of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Dr. Sheikh Fahad Ahmad and Dr.Shadab Siddiqui, at KL deemed-to-be university, Hyderabad Campus have been granted the German patent on the topic “A system for the automatic detection of tree felling in forests”. The developed system is aimed towards automatically detecting tree felling in forests. It comprises a plurality of sensors configured to alert intruder activities as well as a specialized unit to remove the noise of detected activities of an intruder within the forest.

This would help in the conservation of the forest land and preserve the green belt around the country. Sharing his thoughts about the development, Dr. G. P. SaradhiVarma, Vice Chancellor of KL Deemed-to-be-University said, “This is a major feat in view of the environmental deterioration being faced the humanity and this would go a long way in procuring one of the most precious natural resources; the green forest.”

The system is very sophisticated as it classifies the detected activities of an intruder within the forest through a data storage unit configured to predict the noise of tree cutting and the activities of an intruder within the forest. This would help the governing bodies, act swiftly to curtail the deforestation activities in and around various green belts. The teams managing the forests can gauge the activities of intruders happening in the forests and keep a check on the trees being cut by keeping a close watch on the illegal activities such as tree cutting, poaching and land grabbing.