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Karishma Govil aka Soul Kari launches an experience-first digital publication platform ClapClap India

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Karishma Govil – Former MissMalini Social Media Head has launched ClapClap, a digital publication that lives by experiences. As a platform built by a media enthusiast herself, ClapClap endeavours to fill in readers with stories around avid first-time experiences with creators, celebrities and more through the launch of its own monthly digital magazine, starting this month.

The digital publication seeks to serve as an inside access pass for its readers to interesting conversations about everything under the sun – be it pop culture, beauty, travel, fashion, lifestyle, start-ups, creators, Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, as well as events and experiences. In keeping with this, its digital magazine features a prominent media figure for the cover story every month, where they relate personal experiences, share insights, even play fun games and much more. )And launching its first edition this month, the highly cover featured one of the most renowned faces of the industry. 

Furthermore, to bring the best of experiences from around the world to its audience, ClapClap sent creators to the F1 race in Singapore, the cricket T20 World Cup in Australia, the Paris Fashion Week, the F1 race in Abu Dhabi, and the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Popular creators like Neel (@just_neel_things) and his wife Shriya, Karan Sonawane (@focusedindian), Unnati Malharkar, Saurabh Ghadge, Manav Chhabra, Tanzeel Khan, Dhruv Shah & Shyam Sharma (@funcho) Anshuman Malhotra, Mohammed Ali Mirajkar, Himika Bose, director Sahir Raza, Zaid Durbar and football coach Zoheb Khan, amongst others had their first-hand experience of these major events with Karishma. These events witnessed them create content in likeable situations as well as collaborate with each other for the first time, making these moments truly come alive for their audiences.

Likewise, Karishma was also part of the NAS 1 Billion Summit in Dubai, which was held for creators from around the world,  where she connected with remarkable creators and shared insightful conversations with them. 


Speaking about the vision behind ClapClap, Karishma Govil – Founder & CEO of ClapClap, said, “With the inception of ClapClap and our first-ever digital magazine, I envision building a platform that breaks paths from existing conventional publications. At ClapClap, we intend to create and celebrate content by collaborating with diverse experiences cutting across the worlds of fashion, comedy, and lifestyle, as well as individuals, start-ups, and much more. Through our monthly digital edition, we aim to inspire and provide a platform to creators, celebrities and talented artists by providing exclusive access to events that they have been only dreaming about. And through that, comes content with heart.”

Karishma has been at the pulse of the media landscape for more than a decade and has seen its dynamic evolution up close. While her journey started with Vogue, she later went on to become the social media director and content head at MissMalini Entertainment and The Good Creator Co. This rich experience has enabled her to realise the full potential of her vision for ClapClap. With the launch of its debut digital, ClapClap strives to enable audiences access to various experiences and bridge the gap between the two.