You are currently viewing Kaizen Institute announces the “12th edition of Kaizen Congress India 2023”, to be hosted in Pune on 19th-20th April 2023

Kaizen Institute announces the “12th edition of Kaizen Congress India 2023”, to be hosted in Pune on 19th-20th April 2023

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Pune: Organisational efficiency is key to measuring operational and business success. The average productivity of Indian companies across sectors/sizes has continued to drop. For example, even large companies with better management practices have recorded a drop in Revenue Per Employee from 2 lakh to 1.8 lakh from 2019 to 2021. It is thus critical to improve awareness on the role of efficiency in enhancing productivity, output and profitability for organisations.

Kaizen Institute is organising the 12th edition of KAIZEN™ Congress India (KCI) to enable this. For more than 12 years, KCI has served as a platform which convenes a gathering of leaders from across sectors in India to facilitate sharing and learning of experiences of how leading businesses across sectors enhance efficiency in their operations and achieve greater productivity and profitability. It also serves as a platform for business leaders to learn from the experts of Kaizen Institute, which has been enhancing the efficiency and productivity of operations across the globe for more than 25 years.

The 12th edition of KCI is focused on the theme ‘Start ToAction‘ as it seeks to orient organisations into a more action-oriented mindset and help them translate their vision from strategies into action. Over a decade, KAIZEN™ Congress India has hosted leaders from Indigo, Flipkart, Aditya Birla Group and Infosys.

The 12th edition of KCI will witness the participation of businesses from across sectors including FMCG, heavy machinery, manufacturing, and service-oriented sectors. This year’s keynote speakers include Dr. N. Ravichandran, Chief Mentor – UCAL Fuel Systems, Mr. Periakaruppa Nadar Kaniappan, Managing Director – ZF Commercial Vehicle Control Systems India and Mr.Lakshminarayan Ganesh,Chairman & Managing Director-Rane Holdings Ltd.

The Congress is slated to take place at an appropriate juncture in India’s economic history as it is posed to grow amidst a slowing global outlook – businesses across sectors find themselves at an impasse where in capex led growth is a key priority, but a comparatively expensive priority. In this backdrop, KCI’s 12th edition is critical for India Inc and MSMEs to enable knowledge sharing, and learning from one another’s experiences, and leaders from Kaizen Institute on how to achieve growth through enhancing efficiency of existing capacities and infrastructure.

Highlighting the need for such platforms, Joint Managing Director, South Asia  and Africa , Kaizen Institute, Mr. Jayanth Murthy said, “The annual Congress not only brings together industry stalwarts and experts across business functions, but it also acts as a sandbox for individuals to assess what will and what will not work keeping in mind the core principles of KAIZEN™ and Lean methodologies”. He also added that the registrations for the Congress are still open, and he encourages professionals across manufacturing and service sectors to attend.

KAIZEN™ Congress India 2023 aims to equip and educate the attendees with the latest operational excellence methodologies, helping them personally and professionally excel in operational excellence. The Congress will witness engagements from other industry stalwarts, such as:

  1. Mr. Manoranjan Pani – Chief General Manager – Anand Milk Union Limited (AMUL)
  2. Mr. Jayant Murthy – JMD-South Asia & Africa Kaizen Institute
  3. Mr. Ranganathan Balaji – COO, Sona BLW Precision Forgings
  4. Mr. Vinod Grover – MD South Asia and Africa, Kaizen Institute
  5. Mr. N.Gopalkrishnan – Partner & Director-East Africa Kaizen Institute
  6. Dr.Joydeep Chatterjee– Director-Manufacturing Quality Cummins India
  7. Mr.Rajesh Raghvan-President-Corporate Rane Holdings Ltd

The KAIZEN™ Congress India was started 14 years ago by Kaizen Institute India to impart and share 30+ years of KAIZEN™ knowledge on enhancing operational efficiency in the Indian manufacturing and service industry.

The Congress will also allow companies to participate in the KAIZEN™ National Case Study Competition,where organisations will share their Breakthrough and Transformative KAIZEN™ projects and compete to win the highest level of gratification given by Kaizen Institute.