You are currently viewing International Zinc Association highlighted “Zinc Nutrient Initiative” at the FAI Annual Conference

International Zinc Association highlighted “Zinc Nutrient Initiative” at the FAI Annual Conference

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The three days Annual Conference by the Fertilizer Association of India (FAI) was inaugurated in New Delhi. This year the theme of the conference was “Fertilizer Sector by 2030”. In the session researchers, agricultural scientists, and industry personnel were awarded for their distinguished work in the field of agriculture.

Dr Mansukh Mandaviya, Hon’ble Minister for Chemicals & Fertilizers and Health & Family Welfare, Govt of India was the Chief Guest and he inaugurated the FAI Annual Conference and the Exhibition Stalls’.

About 1,500 delegates from India and abroad participated in this international conference. The participants were representatives of fertilizer companies, senior officials of central and state governments, and agricultural scientists. An exhibition was organized for Companies to display their products and technology related to fertilizers and agriculture. International Zinc Association (IZA) has installed an experience centre for consumers to showcase why Zinc is essential for crop and human health.


Dr Soumitra Das, Director, South East Asia, International Zinc Association, said “IZA has been closely associated with FAI at multiple initiatives to create awareness around Zinc’s importance as a nutrients in fertilizers for crop and human health. Zinc is an essential micronutrient required by all living things. Zinc deficiency in crops and humans is a critical issue with significant impacts on food security and health. Adding zinc to soils and crops can contribute to the global food production and nutritional value problem with significant social, health, and economic benefits. Zinc deficiency is the fifth leading cause of death and disease in the developing world”.

Zinc deficiency is the most common micronutrient deficiency in agricultural soils, leading to reductions in crop yields, crop quality, and nutritional value. Zinc deficiency is particularly life – threatening in developing nations that rely on cereal crops for their main source of caloric intake. IZA launched the Zinc Nutrient Initiative to help address the critical problem of zinc deficiency in soils, crops and humans. Zinc-fortified fertilizers improve crop yield and nutrition, ultimately improving food security and human health. Zn-containing fertilizers increase farmer’s incomes and improve local economies.