International SOS launches digital learning on Information Security and Privacy for Mobile Workers

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Mumbai– To further support International SOS’ ongoing work in helping organisations meet their Duty of Care responsibilities International SOS has launched a new learning module, Information Security and Privacy for Mobile Workers, within its Digital Learning Portfolio (DLP). The International SOS Digital Learning Portfolio is continually evolving and growing to support organisations in navigating the ever-changing global mobility landscape. This new course is designed to help employees understand the critical role that they play in reducing the likelihood of an information security breach while on-the-move.


The course content provides examples of:

· The different methods used by cybercriminals when trying to gain access to networks and devices,

· Guidance on how to stay protected against these methods, and

· How to prepare workforces for potential threats whilst outside the workplace.


International SOS created this new elearning module in collaboration with the BSI Digital trust Consulting Services team. It has been designed to equip workforces with the knowledge they need to protect their valuable data and stay secure by practicing safe online behaviour.


Laurent Fourier, CEO, Health & Security Subscription Services commented: “We are living in a world where many of us depend on digital services more than ever and this dependance comes with an element of risk, particularly during mobility. Organisations are now being held increasingly accountable for their Duty of Care responsibilities towards employees by investors and clients alike and rightly so. This new elearning module has been designed to enhance the support we already provide to our clients to help them protect their workforce by equipping their employees with the right knowledge and skills to keep them safe from cybercrime whilst being mobile.”


Mark Brown, Global Managing Director, Digital trust Consulting, BSI commented: “We were delighted to be able to collaborate with International SOS on this project. For over 120 years BSI, as the UK National Standards body, has led the way in developing and implementing best practice. We are delighted to be able to merge BSI’s digital trust and risk management experience with the physical security expertise of International SOS to provide their clients with invaluable guidance on remaining safe from digital risks during mobility.”


The module is initially available in English with French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese versions to follow in the coming months. It has been released utilising a new template which provides solutions to better support Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete and is available to enroll from the Digital Learning Portfolios via the International SOS TrainingPortal.