Indian Government and EdTech Startups Reshaping the Education Landscape with Teacher Upskilling

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The Indian EdTech startup culture has been thriving in recent years, with many platforms emerging to cater to the diverse needs of the education sector. These have not just been catering to young students but are also bridging the gap for continuous learning and upskilling by providing the youth and avid learners an excellent platform to enhance their knowledge and leverage that for greater and global work opportunities.


Suraasa is one such platform that is leading the way when it comes to teacher education and empowerment. As one of the few EdTech platforms curated specifically for teacher training, Suraasa has made a significant impact on the Indian education ecosystem.


The brand’s approach to teacher education is research-driven and pedagogically sound, which has helped them to enhance and upskill teachers. This, in turn, has contributed to an improved educational platform for students. With their innovative approach, Suraasa has raised $1.2 million in seed funding from various investors, including NB Ventures in the United Arab Emirates, SuperMorpheus in Singapore, Vinners, and SucSEED Innovation in India.


One of the key initiatives by Suraasa was the launch of the International Teachers’ Olympiad 2022, which aligned with the vision of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. This initiative received registrations from over 60,000 teachers from 1800 schools (both government and private schools) across 30+ countries. Moreover, their Teacher Training Programme has also been instrumental in helping teachers secure some of the best jobs in the USA, with packages as high as ₹64 lacs per annum. The success of these initiatives demonstrates the importance of upskilling teachers and the potential for EdTech platforms like Suraasa to make a difference.


Even the Indian Government recognizes the importance of upskilling and has been actively pushing for it. It considers upskilling and re-skilling of the youth to be an imperative step in enhancing their skills and employability and promoting economic growth. Hence, The Union Budget 2023 saw a significant allocation of funds to enhance upskilling resources for the youth. The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has been allocated ₹3,418.07 crores this year, 20% higher than the previous year. This retaliates that youth empowerment through skilling is one of the priority areas in this year’s budget, which aligns with Suraasa’s mission to enhance teacher education and empowerment.


Speaking about the industry growth and the government’s push towards upskilling, Founder and CEO of Suraasa, Rishabh Khanna shares, “At Suraasa, we believe that empowering Indian teaching talent is key to unlocking the potential in the country. With the growing demand for skilled educators in India and around the world, we are committed to providing innovative and effective teacher education and empowerment programmes. Education is one such field that is welcoming technology and embracing the innovative solutions of the edtech community. Even the government is giving a boost to India’s edtech sector that has grown exponentially over the last three years. We are thrilled to be part of this growing EdTech startup culture. With the government’s support, we’re excited about the potential impact of our upskilling programmes on Indian teaching talent and the technology-driven evolution of the education sector.”


With constant innovation and a drive to mark a global presence, it is encouraging to witness The Indian EdTech startup culture flourish, and platforms like Suraasa, leading the way in transforming the education sector. With their innovative approach to teacher education and upskilling, they have made a significant impact on the quality of education in India and the government’s push for upskilling further emphasizes the importance of initiatives like Suraasa’s and the potential for them to contribute to a brighter future for the youth of India.