IIIT-Delhi has announced its first-ever E-Summit IIITD. The two-day Mega Conclave will be held on the IIIT-Delhi college campus on the 22nd and 23rd of April, 2023

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New Delhi : E-Summit IIITD enables young entrepreneurs and changemakers to showcase their work, network with peers, and collaborate on ideas to bring about positive changes in the world. With a line-up of impressive orators and personalities such as Triggered Insaan, Ansh Mehra, Saptarshi Prakash, and Kapil Chopra as keynote speakers, the event promises to be an enthralling experience for all.

Invitees and attendees from startups, schools, and college students will be part of premier events and activities in this 2-day affair. Panel discussions will be held on varied topics, such as The Intersection of Entrepreneurship and Various Domains of Social Impact, Product and Design, Industry Dynamics, and the Ups and Downs of the Startup Journey, among others.

The flagship events of E-Summit IIITD are PitchCafe, Zero to One, Startup Fair, Investors Conference and Social Entrepreneurship Ideathon. PitchCafe connects Startups to Investors, allowing them to gain investment and mentorship for their venture. Whereas, Investor’s Conference provides the perfect chance for startups to understand the finer details of the investment from an investor’s point of view. Zero to One connects the student community with the startup ecosystem, allowing students to network and interact with industry experts opening doors for future collaboration.

Business is important, but the cause and the idea behind building it are equally important. E-Summit will host a Social Impact Ideathon and Conference to promote social entrepreneurship and awareness about social issues. Students must ideate on Policy or a Technical solution centered on SDG 5: Promoting Gender Equality.

However, it is not all work and no play at the E-Summit IIITD. There are many Fun Events to keep the mood upbeat and interactive. Keeping the focus on entrepreneurship, the off the charts action can be enjoyed at Raaz: Mystery Rooms, The GodFather, Ad-Mad, E-Trivia, and Treasure Hunt.

With much more to look forward to, save the dates for the E-Summit IIITD on….22nd and 23rd of April 2023. Be a part of the revolution and participate in the entrepreneurial extravaganza only at E-Summit IIITD!