How to prepare Chemistry for JEE MAIN 2021-Tips to score 99 percentile in 15 days

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Chemistry is the easiest and most scoring section of the IIT JEE MAIN question paper. Questions asked in JEE MAIN are straightforward. You need to have a strong grip over this subject to score an amazing percentile.

Is NCERT enough for JEE MAINs chemistry?

Yes, NCERT is enough for JEE MAIN Chemistry but you need to have multiple readings of the whole book line by line. Questions asked in JEE MAIN are directly lifted from NCERT.

How to study chemistry NCERT for JEE MAIN?

1) First see previous year’s JEE MAIN question paper of Chemistry.

2) Absorb the question papers, understand the pattern of questions.

3) Understand the nature of data-based questions and factual questions.

4) Match the level of questions and understand what level of question is being asked from a particular topic.

READING BETWEEN LINES: It is the ability to understand the hidden meaning of the paragraph. See the picture and answer yourself. Don’t scroll down.

Some JEE aspirants may ignore the data but here are my observations
1) The formula of Rhombic sulfur is S8

2) You can see the structure of Rhombic sulfur and S6

3) You get information about the bond lengths and the angles.

If you have 20 days+ times, don’t target 99 percentile. Target 99.8+ percentile in Chemistry.

1) SOME BASIC CONCEPTS OF CHEMISTRY: Molarity, Molality, Limiting Reagent, and reactions are important topics. Every year one question is asked from this chapter.

2) METALLURGY: It is a 90% theoretical chapter. You need to memorize the facts. The nature of questions asked from this topic is fact and data-based. Remember key points are very important.

3) ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY: It is a very easy chapter. Many aspirants ignore these easy chapters. It doesn’t matter if you get the STEREOCHEMISTRY question right or the ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY right. You will be awarded 4 marks. Questions are directly asked from NCERT.

4) ATOMIC STRUCTURE: Atomic structure is a very important and scoring chapter. Every year around 1-2 questions are asked about this topic. The comparisons given in the NCERT are very important. As the order of ionic radii, polarizing power, the concept of orbitals, hybridization are very important and memory-based.

5) CHEMICAL BONDING: Chemical bonding is a very important and easy chapter. You need to read the NCERT two times, to be able to grasp and absorb it completely.

6) POLYMERS: It is a very easy and scoring chapter. You need to memorize the polymer name, type of polymer, its parent compounds. Questions asked are directly from NCERT.

7) PRACTICAL CHEMISTRY: This is the most ignored part of JEE chemistry. Most JEE aspirants don’t know that there is a special book of NCERT for the Practical chemistry section. One direct question and one mixed concept question are asked from this topic.

8) SURFACE CHEMISTRY: This is a theory-based chapter and the questions asked are based on isotherm graphs, formulas, and applications. It takes a very short time to cover the chapter.

9) CHEMICAL KINETICS: Just remember all the formulas just understand the concept of ORDER and Molecularity. 80% of the time, questions are easy and of NCERT level.

10) CHEMISTRY IN EVERYDAY LIFE: It is a very easy and important chapter. It is important to know the no of CHIRAL CARBONS in artificial sweeteners and compounds whose structure is mentioned in NCERT.

11) PERIODICITY: It is again an Important and ignored chapter. Aspirants tend to kill big fishes but leave the small ones but both give the same marks. NCERT level questions and the order of periodic properties are important.