How to crack JEE MAIN in 10 days. Ultimate Guide by IITIAN

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The next 4-5 minutes can save your 1 crore rupees( Explanation later) . Yes you heard it right. The next 4-5 minutes will change your JEE MAIN journey for better.

Is it possible to crack JEE MAIN in 15 days

Yes , it is possible to crack JEE Main 2021 in 15 days. This JEE is not super difficult exam if you have proper guidance. Most aspirants are surrounded by myths. Thats why even after preparing and studying hard for so much time aspirants don’t even clear JEE Main.

Is JEE MAIN 2021 tough?

It is super important to study the exam. Most people keep on studying the syllabus of JEE MAIN 2021 without even analysing what they are studying, how much it is important from exam perspective. Most aspirants don’t know what their goal is .

Why aspirants fail in JEE MAIN 2021?

One of the most prominent reasons for failure in JEE MAINS exam is that people don’t know the syllabus. They go on studying the unlimited ocean of syllabus. Your main goal is not to acquire knowledge,but to smartly segregate what to study and what to leave.

Our goal is not to do P.H.D. in a chapter or subject, the main goal is to do it that well to be able to Score marks

Can I crack JEE Main in 15 days ?

Remove all the fear, don’t let people tell you what is your potential. You can score 99+ percentile . Believe me it is possible. It is impossible for you to think of something impossible. That is impossible.

Mistakes to avoid in last 15 days for JEE MAIN 2021

1) Limit your social media usage.

2) Don’t study by watching videos for these 15 days ?
Videos consume a lot of time and productivity is extremely less. You have to pause the video many times to abosrb the content and write it down.

3)Watching videos to study in the last 15 days is sureshot way to degrade your score

4) Quality is more important than Quantity?
Don’t expect that you will be asked to put in 10 hours of hard work daily. Quality is like hitting the nail on the head.

Hit the iron when it is hot otherwise when it gets cold it will take 10X more effort to underwent same amount of bend.

We have to follow the trend basically otherwise there is ocean of knowledge and information available in the market to study.

According to JEE MAINS 2020 MARKS VS PERCENTILE, you can score 99+ percentile if you score 180-
190 marks out of 300.

Is JEE MAIN 2021 paper tough?

Its a myth that keeps getting snowballed . JEE MAIN 2021 is not tough if you are little aware about things. According to detailed analysis the IIT JEE and the conclusion was as follows,

40% of the questions are Easy . You get hint of the procedure of the question just by looking at the question. You just have to find the right formula to plug in the values to get your answer.

Nearly 35% of the questions are medium level questions in IIT JEE MAIN . You need to think a little to get these questions correct. Basically, questions are lengthy and they require decent problem solving skills.

Almost around 25% of the questions are tough level questions. In order to solve these questions, you need to have a very strong command over the topics.

Our main goal is to get these 75% of the questions right. Here is the detailed strategy to achieve this task. Now I have prepared your mindset to follow the strategy in order to follow this strategy.

Weightage of topics in JEE MAINS :
60% of the questions asked in IIT JEE MAINS are from the class 12th section and 40% of the questions are asked from class 11th syllabus.

What are most important chapters for maths JEE MAIN?

Is mathematical reasoning Important for JEE?

MATHEMATICAL REASONING is the easiest chapter , like gift of IIT JEE MAINS. Every year a question is asked from this topic and its very scoring. We cannot afford to miss this chapter.

Is Statistics Important for JEE MAIN?

Statistics is one topic that is consistently being asked in JEE MAIN. There is high level of certainity in this chapter. You just have to memorize the formulas and plug in values.

Are limits Important for JEE MAIN?

Limit is very important and scoring chapter of JEE MAIN. Every year one question is asked. You have to master the portion of L hospital’s rule and the method of seven INDETERMINANT FORMS.

Is Height and Distance Important for JEE MAIN?

Yes , Height and Distance is extremely important for JEE MAIN as it is very easy topic . You cannot expect one question in every paper but questions do appear from this topic.

Is continuity and differntibility important for JEE MAIN?

Yes its very important topic and it lays the foundation of calculus. Every year 3 question are asked and out of them 1 question is easy just lengthy formula based question.
Generally, the value of k is asked and the question is given continuous.

Maxima and Minima :This is sure shot and favourite topic of IIT JEE . You just need to know conditions of maxima and minima . Question asked from this topic are easy and scoring.

Is Matrices and Determinants important for JEE MAIN?

This is the topic around 2-3 question are asked from this chapter. You need to cover the formulas by heart . JEE MAIN favourite topic is Matrices and Determinants. You need to remember you have to cover the system of linear equations portion very nicely.

Is Sequence and Series Important for JEE MAIN?

Yes , Sequence and Series is very important topic of JEE MAIN. Mainly the topic is formula based and questions can be easily solved if you have covered even basics. You can solve the questions by substitution also. Around 2 questions are asked every year .

Is Vectors Important for JEE MAIN?

Vectors is very important topic for JEE MAIN. All JEE aspirants have studied vectors in physics. All the concepts and formulas are just same . We just need to learn how to apply the knowledge in the questions.

Is Functions important for JEE MAIN?

Yes , Functions is very important, easy and predictable . There are handful of functions are asked. Now every year, question are asked from Inverse, finding range , domain.

Is Binomial Expansion Important for JEE MAIN?

Binomial Expansion is very easy topic. Mug upnthe formula well . Question formats are repeated from previous year question papers.

Is Quadratic Equations Important for JEE MAIN?

Quadratic Equations is very important topic for JEE MAIN. Learn the formulas . Don’t cover it till advanced level. Every year one question is asked and it is manageable.

How to complete these Important chapters for JEE MAIN?

You can use NCERT to just laid down foundation. We will devote 8 days to cover these topics of Mathematics. Don’t solve Exercises. Solve Challenging and dissimilar examples from NCERT MATHEMATICS CLASS 11 and CLASS 12 book.

Previous Year Question Paper JEE MAIN

Now we are left with 7 days. We will solve previous year question paper of these topics of JEE MAIN. You will learn different patterns of question asked in JEE MAIN. You will learn techniques.

Keep the formula sheet in front of your eyes while solving the questions so that we revise the topics and formulas very well.