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HKUST, China Merchants Group Collaborate on Nurturing Talents and Promoting Synergy among Industry, Academia and Research

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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and China Merchants Group (CMG) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) last Friday to forge a strategic cooperation. Witnessed by HKUST President Prof. Nancy IP and CMG Chairman Mr. MIAO Jianmin, HKUST Provost Prof. GUO Yike and CMG Executive Vice President Mr. DENG Renjie signed the agreement to enhance exchange and collaboration on joint research, commercialization of research discoveries and talents nurturing.

Under the agreement, HKUST and CMG will leverage their strengths to jointly launch theme-based research, set up laboratory, organize international academic forum and industrial development conference to promote synergy among the industry, academia and research, and to advance frontier scientific research spanning artificial intelligence, advanced materials, new energy, biomedical science, fintech, digital economy, carbon-neutrality and high-end testing and inspection, creating a win-win collaboration.

On development of joint research discoveries, CMG and HKUST will facilitate knowledge transfer and incubate sizable innovation and technology (I&T) companies. CMG will assist HKUST research teams and their projects with technology development platforms, investments, financing, commercialization and incubation services in the Mainland and Hong Kong. CMG will also support HKUST to organize activities such as innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, conferences and technology exhibitions, building an innovation and technology ecosystem together.

On nurturing talents, CMG will offer internship and employment opportunities for HKUST students and graduates based on their business development needs; while HKUST will launch various training programs for CMG executives for their continuous professional education.

HKUST President Prof. Nancy Ip said, “We are very pleased to collaborate with China Merchants Group (CMG). With HKUST’s world-class research capabilities and CMG’s comprehensive business and extensive network, the partnership will not only empower HKUST’s researchers to participate in the commercialization of their innovations, but also help them understand the business and operational challenges one may face when bringing new technologies to society. Such experience is paramount to advance the application of frontier technologies as well as drive Hong Kong’s I&T development. HKUST and CMG will work together to formulate the implementation details of the collaboration. We aim to leverage the unique strengths of both parties to jointly create an ecosystem conducive to scientific research, knowledge transfer and talent development, thus contributing towards the development of Hong Kong as an international I&T hub.”

CMG Chairman Mr. Miao Jianmin said, “CMG will further play our role as a state-owned enterprise in Hong Kong, contributing to the city’s advancement into an international I&T hub. We hope to further collaborate with internationally renowned universities like HKUST on joint research, commercialization of research discoveries and attracting international top talents.”

HKUST Vice-President for Research and Development Prof. Tim CHENG, HKUST Vice-President for Institutional Advancement Prof. WANG Yang, CMG Assistant to President and Head of President’s Office Mr. ZHANG Junli and other representatives also attended the signing ceremony. Afterwards, the CMG delegation visited HKUST’s Chinese National Engineering Research Center for Control and Treatment of Heavy Metal Pollution (Hong Kong Branch) and Energy Institute to learn about the University’s research and development on water pollution control, energy storage and plastic upcycling, as well as its achievements in industry-academia-and-research collaboration and different research disciplines.