You are currently viewing GUJCOST connected students from Science City and Science Centers to Stockholm for the Nobel Prize

GUJCOST connected students from Science City and Science Centers to Stockholm for the Nobel Prize

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Saturday evening was historical as 12 scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize at Stockholm, Sweden, the world’s highest civic honour for the greatest benefit to mankind. Though the moment was in Sweden, its momentum was observed and experienced by thousands of students, teachers, and science enthusiasts in the state of Gujarat.

Gujarat Council on Science and Technology (GUJCOST) jointly with Gujarat Science City organised a special outreach programme on Nobel Prize 2022, where the work and significance of this year’s Nobel Prize in physics, chemistry, and medicine were discussed in a very simple manner at Science City and four Regional Science Centres at Rajkot, Patan, Bhavnagar, and Bhuj with expert faculties, respectively. At the end, all were enthralled to watch the Stockholm Nobel Prize award distribution through a live stream.

The Nobel Prize shows that ideas can change the world. The courage, creativity, and persistence of the Nobel Laureates inspire everyone and give hope for the future.

The newly established Regional Science Centres have a dedicated gallery on the Nobel Prize in physics, chemistry, and medicine, and the RSC Bhuj has a unique Fields Medal gallery to inspire young students to take an interest in science and the spirit of doing science for the benefit of mankind.

On this occasion, a booklet on the Nobel Prize for 2022 was released, both in English and Gujarati. The booklet carries all information, trivia, quizzes, worksheets, and explanations on the Nobel Prizes in lucid language and can be referred to as a “ready reckoner” on the subject.

Prof. K. N. Joshipura, Professor in Physics, Sardar Patel University, and Vallabh Vidyanagar beautifully explained the quantum entanglement phenomenon for which the Nobel Prize in Physics has been given.

Prof. Man Singh, Professor of Chemistry at the Central University of Gujarat, took part in an interactive and energetic session on “Click Chemistry.”

Dr. Umashankar Singh, Professor in Bioengineering at IIT Gandhinagar, highlighted the fundamental work on the DNA of fossils that led to an answer to the question of what made humans as unique as they are.

This was a real scientific treat for one and all as they witnessed the Nobel Prize programme with rich content, concepts, and context for the first time.