G20 Side Events on “Climate Finance” under Sustainable Finance Working Group (SFWG)

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 IIM Shillong, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Centre for Policy Research and Analysis of IIM Shillong is hosting, G20 side events on “Climate Finance” under the Sustainable Finance Working Group (SFWG) in collaboration with Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), Ministry of Finance, Government of India, and North Eastern Council (NEC) Shillong. The event is planned to be scheduled over two technical sessions. “Mobilization of Financial Resources for Climate Action” is the theme of the first session, and “Financing for Early Stage Climate Technology: Challenges and Way Forward” shall be the focus of the second session.

Prof. DP Goyal, Director, IIM Shillong, said “The need to mobilize finance for sustainable development and climate action is more critical than ever, and we are thrilled to be hosting this important event. We believe that this event will bring together a diverse group of experts from the public and private sectors, civil society and academia, to exchange ideas and share best practices, and we look forward to a productive and engaging exchange of ideas. This event aims to bring together experts and stakeholders from various sectors to discuss the challenges and opportunities for advancing climate finance.”


The event will feature distinguished speakers namely, Shri. Arjun Dutt, Senior Programme Lead, Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), Smt. Chandni Raina, Adviser, Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), Ministry of Finance, Shri. Gaigongdin Panmei, IRS, Financial Adviser, NEC Shillong, Smt. Anjali Garg, Senior Operations Officers, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Smt. Ruchira Shukla, Regional Lead for South Asia Disruptive Technologies (IFC) and Smt. Sherry Lalthangzo, IES, Economic Adviser, NEC, Shillong.


Speakers are expected to bring in, unique perspectives and insights on the intersections of energy, environment, and finance and provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of the industry. This event is designed to be educational and informative for those interested in understanding the complex relationships between these three critical fields.


The focus of the event will be on exploring innovative approaches to financing sustainable development, with a particular emphasis on climate finance. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from experts on the latest developments in this field, as well as engage in discussions on how to overcome challenges and promote action to address climate change.