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Educational Institutions in Karnataka Embrace Digitization; Partner with CollPoll to become Smart Campuses

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Bengaluru : Karnataka’s educational institutions are fast becoming smart campuses by adopting technology to enhance student experience. CollPoll, a Mobile-first Digital Campus Platform has partnered with over 13 progressive educational institutions such as RV University, Chanakya University, HKBK Group of Institutions, Manipal Academy of Banking, ISBR Business School, ISBR PU College, AMC Group of Institutions, Atria University, XIME Bangalore, MVJ College of Engineering, BLDEA Group of Institutions among others to provide a seamless, state-of-the-art learning and smart campus experience to more than 25,000 students. CollPoll is planning to onboard 20 more such institutions which will impact over 35,000 members in the next 6 months.

Institutions in Karnataka are rapidly prioritizing the adoption of technology and use CollPoll to address the academic complexity and implement recommendations of NEP, facilitate collaboration and engagement between multiple stakeholders, access key insights into the overall functioning of the university and much more. In Karnataka, CollPoll has managed fee transaction value of over 100 crore, planned 78000+ lessons, automated over 31000 attendance & 3000 admissions, shared 3500+ learning resources, and has managed over 10000 posts on campus social networks for digital engagement. With the help of CollPoll, educational institutions now provide a contactless digital campus experience with seamless integration of admission, NEP compliant academics, exams, payments, etc to their students. This has further led to enhanced student engagement and experience in addition to better collaboration and communication.

Today’s Gen-Z students and the upcoming Gen-Alpha kids are digital natives and far more technically savvy than any previous generation and expect a similar experience in a campus environment. The education industry is being driven to transform to keep up with student expectations by introducing several value-added student-facing activities and CollPoll is betting big on this change. CollPoll’s offerings include digital education stack, digital payments, business workflow automation, streamlined faculty feedback, contactless digital campus services, online classes and exams, In-app and push notification on regular updates, online assessments, and analytics and reports and more.

CollPoll was founded by Hemant Sahal to let stakeholders in educational institutions collaborate effectively. CollPoll has partnered with over 100 educational institutions with over 170,000 members, currently serving more than 1,50,000 students across India. It has assisted in the automation of 37883 admissions and 156,000 job applications. Additionally, it has enabled the planning of 13,00,000 lessons, collected more than 6 million student feedback, managed and conducted 8,000,000 campus activities. Since 2018, its focus has expanded to end-to-end automation of institutions far beyond the traditional ERPs. The company offers ERP for Administration, Learning Management System with Video Conferencing integration, AI-proctored Examinations, No-code Business Process Automation Engine for contactless & paperless campus, and Campus Social Network for digital engagement.

With over 51000 institutions and almost 40 million students, India has the world’s third-largest higher education system. In July 2020, India unveiled its first and most comprehensive education policy, the NEP, to guide the development of the education sector and implement transformational reforms in the country’s institutions. NEP is a much-needed, forward-looking policy, however, the benefit of this policy cannot be harnessed if the implementation is not backed by technology. The right use of technology is critical towards greater student success and education outcomes. Technology enabled solutions are now enabling academic continuity, seamless two-way communication, automation of everyday activities and enhanced security in addition to access to information. While these solutions have assisted learning, the key benefits of adopting technology in the education sector include efficient and resource friendly tools for effective learning, skill development for teachers to stay abreast with the latest developments in their field, agile and connected learning and smarter classroom education.

Supporting Quotes

Hemant Sahal, Founder and CEO, CollPoll

“With Bengaluru being our homeground, word of mouth has been the biggest driver for our growth in the city. The proximity to the majority of leaders of higher educational institutions has helped address the needs of our partner institutions and provide customized solutions for their needs. Progressive Higher-education institutions in Karnataka are keen to adopt new technologies and are focused on providing a digital and smart campus experience to their students. Many higher educational institutions in Karnataka have been adopting CollPoll since their very first day. We aim to impact 35K+ members across Karnataka by empowering their campuses by being their long-term technology partner.”

Dr. Sushant Joshi, Registrar, Chanakya University

“Chanakya University’s vision is to create knowledge and transformative leadership.Technology is key to creating the conducive innovative educational ecosystem to achieve this vision. CollPoll is therefore a valuable technology partner for us as we embark on this journey. With digitising key academic activities, we are leveraging the platform to deliver a collaborative and engaging learning environment to students.”