You are currently viewing Dreamers are Achievers – a celebration of 6 African women achievers

Dreamers are Achievers – a celebration of 6 African women achievers

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New Delhi is all set to play host to Dreamers are Achievers – a celebration of six inspiring women accompanied by their mentors from Nigeria and South Africa, some hailing from small towns and villages in Africa, and their journey as role models for all dreamers. The women have been invited to share their stories and inspire like-minded individuals and community members in the country by Indian actress and former Femina Miss India World Sayali Bhagat and Skylark Infra Engineering in association with Africa Union Holdings Limited of United Arab Emirates, a branch office of Africa union holdings OF south Africa,. Winners of the My Home Town pageant -ZAMBIA in 18-30 and 30-60 categories, Angela Malenga, Beauty Katebe, Nalavwe Chinakila, Doris Couvaras, Faith Kachenga Mukonko, and Mwila Masongo and their mentors Chika IKE a film director and actress from Nigeria and Peral Thusi, also a film director and actress from South Africa; are today making their mark on the world as UN Speakers, fashion models, Hollywood actresses, entrepreneurs, and more.

An anchored talk show will be held on so the women can interact with community members as well there will see a fashion show choreographed by Liza Verma , where the women would don stunning outfits specially designed by Rina Dhaka to dazzle the public and t, and a after-party Along with photoshoots during the pre-fitting and the fashion show, the events will encourage press opportunities galore, during, as well as the preceding and following days. On the 6th, the women would be carrying out relief and charity work at a local NGO/shelter[SS1] , where they would be handing out food and winter essentials and interacting with the members. The next day, Sayali would take the women sightseeing in and around Delhi to give them an experience of India’s culture and history, along with photoshoots at the city’s many picturesque locales.

My Home Town charity organization is akin to a personality contest that grooms, guides, and promotes promising and talented women and men achievers by providing extensive support, grooming, and guidance. The organizers, Skylark Infra Engineering, Africa Union Holdings UAE, and Sayali Bhagat were hence, united in their goals of empowering women from disenfranchised communities and helping them become the leaders and role models of tomorrow. Learning about their individual interests and giving them the help that they need to shine in their chosen fields, the organizers aim to show other talented women like them from all walks of life that one’s background and origins need not be an obstacle to them achieving success.

Speaking about the four-day extravaganza, Sayali Bhagat said, “I believe hard work and talent should be the only things that matter, a belief I have developed and embodied throughout my own career. Hence, it brings me great joy and pride to play a role in the journey of these incredible women and the hard work they have put in to get where they are today. I am extremely passionate about helping inspire, support, and guide women from all walks of life in achieving success, and enabling them to receive the accessibility and resources required to make that possible.” The supporters of this tour Skylark Infra Engineering, are desirous to learn more from the pageants about the opportunities that the Zambian economy may offer on a win win platform. Skylark believes that these models together with all their fellow competitors who are winners of future competitions, managed to bring their country -0Zambia to the global stage in a captivating manner perhaps never witnessed before by any African country. .

The hosts are very proud to learn that decorative street lights designed by MHT and currently lighting some streets of Choma -Zambia, were manufactured in INDIA