Delphic Council of Maharashtra teams up with MET to Foster Art and Culture in the State

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Mumbai Educational Trust (MET) and Delphic Council of Maharashtra has joined hands in order to promote and foster art and culture in the state. In the celebratory event, a Live Art Wall Canvas Painting of 70 Meters, prepared by MET and MET Rishikul Vidyalaya’s (MRV) students, depicted the art and culture of Maharashtra around the theme ‘water’.

More than 1,000 students from MET Institutes and MRV participated in the Delphic Art Wall. These paintings will be further united with different states and countries to form an 11-km long Art Wall during the Delphic Games 2023, in an attempt of Guinness Book of World Records. The Delphic Movement fosters harmony in society through artistic engagement and promotes Art and Culture.

The Delphic Art Movement gave MET and MRV students a chance to showcase and represent Maharashtra’s rich art and culture. “It is a well-known fact that all great civilisations flourished around water bodies. The theme of water showcases the culture and art in Maharashtra around water. We are happy to collaborate with the Delphic Council to promote art and culture with the youth,” said Mr. Pankaj Bhujbal.

MET also announced Delphic Clubs for School and College Students in order to add value to their strong cultural base. The celebration witnessed different types of Folk and Tribal Dance such as Tarpa Dance, Dhol Dance and Nandi Dance performances representing the Arts and Culture of Maharashtra by students of MET and MRV. The celebration concluded with a Fashion Show by students of MET.

The theme of the show displayed outfits showcasing the culture of Maharashtra in sync with the Delphic Art wall live paintings. Mr. Suresh Thomas, President, Maharashtra Delphic Council, said Maharashtra has a very diverse culture and talent. “The mission is to provide a platform to the budding and well-known talent to showcase their work not just in Maharashtra but also other states of the country and other parts of the world,” he added.

The Delphic Art wall inaugural witnessed a live painting by world-renowned calligraphy artist Mr. Achyut Palav and Artist Mr. Nilesh Mohite. Present on the occasion were Mr. Pankaj Bhujbal, Hon. Trustee, MET, Mr. Ramesh Prasanna, Secretary General, International Delphic Council, Mr. Suresh Thomas, President, Maharashtra Delphic Council, Ms. Soumni Paul, Vice President, Hungama Music, Core Members of Delphic Council Maharashtra Mr. Abhijeet Bhujbal, Ms. Anuja Sahai, Mr. Ali Akbar Rizvi, Ms. Dipti Shah, Ms. Sejal Gala and Mr. Susheel Mistry.

All artistic expressions in the Delphic Games have been divided into six Main Art Categories and multiple subcategories, viz. Musical Arts and Sound, Performing Arts and Acrobatics, Language Arts and Rhetoric, Visual Arts and Crafts, Social Arts and Communication, and Ecological Arts and Architecture. The International Delphic Movement is 28 years old in the modern times, but has a glorious history. Initiated in 1994 as a League of Nations by its founder Mr. J. Christian B. Kirsch in Germany, the International Delphic Council revived the world’s most ancient and only common floor for the arts and cultures. Delphic Games (also known as Pythian Games) go back to about 2600 years.