You are currently viewing Day 3 of Techkriti’23 at IIT Kanpur featured “Moon Man of India,” among other insightful talks and events

Day 3 of Techkriti’23 at IIT Kanpur featured “Moon Man of India,” among other insightful talks and events

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Kanpur : Techkriti, one of Asia’s largest annual technical and entrepreneurial festivals hosted by IIT Kanpur, began its 29th edition with a blaze on March 23, 2023. This year’s theme is “Enigmatic Tessellations” and comes with a mascot named ‘Tessellato’ that aims to explore the fascinating world of tessellations and its applications in technology and innovation.
After two eventful days, the Day 3 of Techkriti’23 continued with an impressive lineup of events curated to captivate the imagination of tech enthusiasts. The day hosted the “Moon Man of India,” Mylswamy Annadurai for the Tech Talks, who served as the Project Director of Chandrayaan I, India’s first lunar mission. During his talk on “Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan Challenges: The Inside Stories,” Annadurai shed light on the complex issues that arose during the development of these missions. He emphasized that the challenges faced were not limited to technical and economic aspects, but also included geopolitical concerns. Annadurai also reminisced his early days at ISRO where he dedicated four years to the development of a software satellite simulator. His contribution to the success of India’s space missions was significant, and he commended the team behind the film “Mission Mangal” for their portrayal of the events.
It was followed by an exciting session with Prateek Sethi, the founder of Trip Creative Services and former host of FAQ on POGO TV. He shed light on his latest project, Animator Skill, which aims to showcase and acknowledge talents of Indian cartoon film makers through a forthcoming festival. Mr. Sethi also expressed concerns about how deserving productions in children’s comedy often lack the marketing and success they deserve due to the monopoly of big production houses.
The E-Conclave talks were given by Alok Bansal, the Co-Founder and Executive Vice Chairman of Policy Bazaar Fintech Limited. He emphasized the importance of gathering customer insights and understanding office culture to ensure a productive and positive work environment. Data science and analytics were key tools in growing his company, specifically in streamlining insurance claim processes and reducing bureaucratic formalities. Additionally, he discussed the challenge of overcoming negative perceptions surrounding insurance policy companies and how his company, Policy Bazaar, tackled this issue.
Sandeep Singhal, a Senior Advisor of Avanaa Capital and Co-Founder of Nexus Ventures Partner, a leading early-stage venture capital firm in India, also spoke at the EC Talks event. He emphasized the intersection of AI and sustainability, particularly with regards to carbon footprints and their impact on crop patterns. He also highlighted the importance of implementing security systems and infrastructure around AI to ensure privacy and maintain ethical practices.
Harsh Vinayak, a technology leader and the Senior Vice President of Intelligent Automation & Data Services at NTT DATA SERVICES, shared his expertise with the audience. He discussed “Ethics and Principle for Trustworthy AI,” highlighting potential harm of AI to individuals and society. He also discussed policies formulated by companies and governments to address this issue and proposed additional solutions. Additionally, he shared Niti Aayog’s Approach Document for India, outlining principles for responsible AI implementation. Mr. Vinayak shared his experience developing expert systems, a precursor to AI, during his time at IITK.
Additionally, the panel discussion on Digital Transformation, moderated by Arvind Sivaramakrishnan (CIO of Karkinos Healthcare, Ex CIO of Apollo Hospitals) and Ajitt Kolhe (CIO and CDO at VIP Industries), delved into the potential transformations that can be achieved in the telecom sector through direct customer interaction. They highlighted the role of data structures in enhancing the customer experience and offered insights into the investments that can be made in digital transformation companies. Additionally, the discussion touched upon the vital issues of privacy and security in this context.
Apart from the talks, workshops from the previous day, including Product Management and Consulting, Drone, Robotics, and App Development, continued on Day 3, while also introducing new workshops on cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Internet of Things. These workshops were designed to introduce the attendees to the basics of these technologies and their real-world applications.
The day concluded with an exciting Bollywood Night with popular singer Divya Kumar rocking the stage. His soulful renditions of popular tracks like “Maston Ka Jhund” from the movie ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ captivated the audience, leaving them spellbound and thoroughly entertained. The night turned electrifying with Divya Kumar’s performance. Overall, the Day 3 of Techkriti’23 ended on an exciting note with several diverse events taking place throughout the day.