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Creating a Conducive Stress-Free Environment for Students’ Growth and Progress – Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan

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New Delhi: India’s leading Hindi news channel, News18 India hosted its flagship summit at the prestigious Taj Palace in Delhi. The latest edition of the marquee initiative, News18 India Chaupal, saw a stellar conclave of the nation’s most distinguished luminaries, thought leaders and youth icons who deliberated and shared insights about India’s role as “Vishwaguru”.


Bringing together the biggest names from a myriad of industries and affiliations in one forum, News18 India Chaupal hosted the leaders of the country as they reflected and discussed a host of integral issues in the backdrop of global geopolitical developments. As India emerges as a leader on the world stage and establishes the tenants of good governance for the world to emulate, News18 India Chaupal provided a stage for these eminent personalities to share their vision for the future of the nation


During his session at News18 India Chaupal, Hon’ble Education Minister, Shri. Dharmendra Pradhan spoke ardently on the importance of empowering the nation’s youth with holistic education and vocational skill-based training at par with international standards. He highlighted how the world looks to India as a knowledge leader. He reiterated his commitment to impart primary education in the child’s native language, so as to encourage learning and interest in the curriculum. The erudite minister talked at length about the new National Education Policy and correlated it with India’s steadfast commitment to alleviating poverty under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sharing his insights with News18 India viewers, Hon’ble Education Minister, Shri. Dharmendra Pradhan said, “We are working proactively to reduce stress for our students. Our commitment has always been to create a conducive learning environment, which can help students achieve their highest potential. Through holistic skill-based training and integrated vocational guidance, we are empowering India’s youth to become self-reliant and attain gainful employment. Moving forward we are promoting primary education for children in their native languages. We are encouraging various national languages from Hindi to English and from Tamil to Manipuri. Additionally, we are rolling out various initiatives to encourage and empower more girls to enroll in schools and complete their secondary education. Our aim has always been to provide an inclusive and holistic education for one and all across the nation”.


He further added, “It is time that India thinks bigger. We need to have a comprehensive vision for our education model for the next 25 years. Education is a sector that should not be interwoven with interparty politics. As Indians, our endeavour should be always to spread our education outreach to the grassroot level. As we prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs in our country, we will create incubation agencies to bolster innovation and technology-based growth in the perceivable future”.