Aston University celebrates 50 years of transport education

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Aston University is asking former students to get in contact to help celebrate 50 years of transport education.

This year marks half a century of transport studies at Aston University, dating back to 1973 when the subject first appeared as part of a combined honours degree course, with the first transport graduates completing in 1976.

In 1982-3 the course became a degree in its own right and 40 years later is still teaching the transport professionals of the future.

Aston University is currently the only UK institution to offer a dedicated transport management degree, BSc Transport Management, and a BSc Transport Planning degree apprenticeship.

During the past five decades the course has produced graduates equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience needed across the transport sector.

Dr Lucy Rackliff, programme director and head of the department of Engineering Systems & Supply Chain Management, said: “Generations of our students have contributed no end to the UK’s skills in this sector. From rail and road, consultancy and government, there are few areas in the transport sphere that have not been improved by our graduates.

“If you studied transport at Aston University, we would love to hear from you with any stories and memories from your student days. And of course, we would love to hear about where your transport career has taken you.”

Aston University started life in 1875, and in 1895 become the Birmingham Municipal Technical School, teaching chemistry, physics, metallurgy and electrical engineering. In 1966 it received its royal charter to become a university.