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AMU Vice Chancellor releases five books published by Sir Syed Academy

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Aligarh : Prof. Tariq Mansoor, Vice Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) today released five monographs/books published by the Sir Syed Academy, AMU in a function held at the Academy.

The books released included ‘Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah, Aga Khan III’ (English), ‘Sir Ross Masood’ (English), ‘Maulvi Zakaullah’ (Urdu), ‘Sir Syed’s Legacy of Pluralism and Composite Culture’ (English) and ‘Jahan-i- Aligarh’.

Expressing his views Professor Tariq Mansoor said that the young generation should be aware of the sacrifices and services of the torchbearers of the Aligarh Movements and Sir Syed and his colleagues. “These books are very important which not only have documentary value but will also be very helpful in making the youth aware of the Aligarh movement”, he said.

Congratulating the authors and editors the Vice Chancellor said that his support to the academic research and publishing activities of the Sir Syed Academy will continue. “Sir Syed Academy’s academic and research activities have accelerated and I am sure it will continue in the future as well”, he added.

Professor Mansoor further said preservation of ancient documents and manuscripts and their digitization is necessary so that people can benefit from them. “Preservation and digitization of old valuable documents has been completed in Maulana Azad Library and the digitization process is expected to be completed soon in Sir Syed Academy as well, which will benefit the future generations”, he pointed out.

Reiterating his full support for the publication and research activities of Sir Syed Academy, the Vice Chancellor said “it has been decided to provide financial support for seminars and academic activities from the Sir Syed Endowment Fund established on the occasion of Sir Syed Bi-centenary celebrations”. This will benefit not only the Sir Syed Academy, but also other departments who organize programmes on the Aligarh Movement.

Earlier, Professor Ali Mohammad Naqvi, Director, Sir Syed Academy welcomed the esteemed guests and described the activities of the Academy in brief. He said “in the last five years, the Academy has published about fifty books, and the credit for activating the Sir Syed Academy goes to Vice Chancellor Prof. Tariq Mansoor, who patronized its activities.”

Prof. Naqvi said: Sir Syed Academy has published the original works of Sir Syed and the earliest biographies on Sir Syed were also published for the first time so that such rare books are available to the academic world. These include books by GFI Graham, SK Bhatnagar and Christian W Troll. “Apart from this, primary sources related to the Aligarh movement such as old Academic Calendars have also been published, including 25 monographs on the leaders of Aligarh Movement and companions of Sir Syed”, he pointed out.

Commenting on the English monograph ‘Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah, Aga Khan III’ (by Dr. Sadaf Farid), Prof. Naima Khatoon (Principal, Women’s College) said that Sir Aga Khan immensely contributed to the upgradation of MAO College to Aligarh Muslim University. “He collected Rs. thirty lakh within two years demanded by the government for establishing Aligarh Muslim University”, Prof Naima pointed out.

Commenting on ‘Sir Ross Masood’ (English translation by Asad bin Sadat), Professor Hakeem Syed Zillur Rahman said that Sir Ross Masood, grandson of Sir Syed was a genius and had a magnetic personality. “He lived only for 47 years but did great things. He patronized knowledge and literature. Allama Iqbal was his close friend. During the Vice-Chancellorship of the University Sir Ross Masood did significant works in the University. He also served as the President of ‘Anjuman Taraqqi-i-Urdu-i-Hind’ for twelve years”, added Prof Zillur Rahman.

Commenting on ‘Maulvi Zakaullah’ (Urdu monograph by Dr. Abbas Raza), Prof. Shafey Kidwai pointed out that “Maulvi Zakaullah was a prolific writer, who also served the Aligarh Movement and wrote on it. He was a teacher of mathematics and Arabic and Persian. A book on him was long overdue”.

Commenting on ‘Sir Syed’s Legacy of Pluralism and Composite Culture’ (Edited by Dr. Rahat Abrar and Shah Noor Shan), Professor AR Kidwai said: “the preservation and promotion of Sir Syed’s tradition of pluralism is the need of the day. Interfaith dialogue and adhering to the practices of composite culture is the legacy of Sir Syed. He had social interactions with all the communities, and adopted a civilized approach in dealing with differences”, Prof Kidwai said.

Dr. Mohammad Shahid (Deputy Director, Sir Syed Academy) briefly introduced the books and described various milestones achieved during the establishment of the Aligarh Muslim University. He also talked about the publishing activities of Sir Syed Academy. He also proposed the vote of thanks.

Deans of various Faculties, heads of the Departments, current and former teachers and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.