‘Amrut Aahar’ by NephroPlus provides breakfast to 350+ schoolkids in Hyderabad, Telangana

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Hyderabad: Ahead of the festive season, India’s largest network of dialysis centers, NephroPlus, turned Secret Santa to provide Telangana’s vulnerable school-going children something to look forward to. The organization rolled out a philanthropic initiative, “Amrut Aahar,” in partnership with the Hyderabad-based Jagathi Foundation to provide a weekly breakfast service to 350+ kids studying at the Upper Primary School in Madinaguda, Hyderabad in the state of Telangana till April 2023. The activity is a part of the brand’s social initiative to celebrate 13 years of its successful journey in the healthcare sector.

NephroPlus wants to extend a helping hand to underfunded schools through this initiative. The kids in this school hail from below-poverty-line family households and are often deprived of proper nutrition through daily meals. NephroPlus will provide a nutritious breakfast to the kids which will improve their nutrition levels and also improve attendance to classes.

Addressing the audience at the event, Mr. Vikram Vuppala, Founder and CEO , NephroPlus, said, ‘’To be schooled, one must be fueled, to be well read, one must be well fed. Children who do not regularly get enough nutritious food to eat tend to have significantly higher behavioral, emotional, and educational problems. Therefore, the simple act of feeding kids a healthy breakfast at school can have a dramatic impact on their academic performance, health, and economic future. We’re thankful to Jagathi Foundation for establishing this collaboration with the school and bringing about the much-needed initiative. Opportunely, this day marks the 13th year of our successful journey in the healthcare industry, and we are excited to commence the next year with a social intervention to promote the right nutrition among malnutrition-prone kids in their formative years.”

Commenting on the collaborative initiative Durga Kalyani, Founder and President, Jagathi Foundation said, “We are grateful to join hands with a reputed healthcare company like NephoPlus for a great cause. The collaboration was driven by the stellar work done by the brand as part of its corporate social responsibility, facilitated by Abou Baker (Vice President), Rama Chandra (Joint secretary) and supported by the whole team. India has been battling malnutrition for decades, and only through such social initiatives can we alleviate it and create a strong sense of food security for Indian children. Jagathi Foundation plans to expand its ‘Amrut Aahar’ program across Telangana & AP.”