You are currently viewing Amity University conducts “In-Service Training of Editors and Journalists of Maldives” Programme,  sponsored by Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India

Amity University conducts “In-Service Training of Editors and Journalists of Maldives” Programme, sponsored by Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India

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Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida campus, organized ‘In-Service Training of Editors & Journalists of Maldives” Programme, in collaboration with Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Programme, sponsored by Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India, from 13th-20th March 2023. 20 Senior Editors and Journalists from Maldives attended the Training Programme, which was aimed at exploring new forms of journalism & storytelling, learning from experienced Indian Editors, Journalists and Institutions, building a healthy relationship with Indian media and learning the best journalist practices.


The Training Programme comprised of five modules including “Journalism and Media Ethics, Media Laws and Code of Conduct”, Language and Storytelling Techniques”, “Journalism, Investigative Reporting and Reporting in Difficult Conditions”, “Language and Storytelling Techniques”, “Changing Trends in Modern Journalism” and “Interaction with Press Council of India (PCI), New Delhi”.


During the eight-day programme, senior editors and journalists from Maldives attended various sessions by well-renowned senior editors and journalists including Mr. Nimish Kapoor, Film Division Head & Senior Scientist, Vigyan Prasar, Ms. Teena Jha, Anchor, Sansad TV, Ms. Vijaita Singh, Journalist & Deputy Editor, The Hindu, Mr.Surinder Singh Oberoi, Sr. Journalist & Former Head Communication ICRC, Ms. Deepti Sachdeva, Senior Editor, Republic TV, Mr. Rajesh Mahapatra, Editor, PTI, Dr. Waiel Awwad, Senior Journalist & Author, and senior faculty members of Amity.


Sharing the mantras of success with aspiring journalists, Guest of Honour, Dr. Maroof Raza, Author & Consulting Editor, Times TV Network, averred, “Journalists should keep the narrative short and simple to get their message across in an impactful way. Historical relevance is important however, journalists must do thorough research work before filing their stories and stick to accurate, correct and authentic news by double checking the news for any incorrect information. Also, practical training along with theoretical knowledge goes a long way in enhancing the skills and knowledge of journalists.”


Addressing the gathering during the Valedictory Session, Dr. Nitin Batra, CEO, Amity Institute of Training & Development (AITD), stated, “Amity is extremely grateful to the Ministry of External Affairs for providing their support in conducting the Training Programme and for their vision of connecting India to the world. All the sessions were highly insightful and each and word delivered by the experts holds great significance. We are certain that the participants have benefitted immensely from this Training Programme. Amity is now home to the participants from Maldives and they must feel free to visit Amity anytime, for any kind of support and Amity wishes to conduct many such Training Programmes in the future.”


Sharing his feedback, Mr. Ibrahim Maahil Mohamed, a journalist from Maldives said, “We have benefitted immensely from this Training programme. The sessions were very extremely informative, and we are grateful to Amity and Govt. of India for providing us with this opportunity.”


Expressing her gratitude to Amity, Ms.Fathimath Nahudha Faiz, a News Anchor from Maldives, said, “I am a news anchor and I have just started my career in the field of journalism. Through This Programme I have attained great knowledge experience and learning which will be helpful in my professional career. We felt at home and express our heartfelt gratitude to Amity for its hospitality, along with all the support and knowledge provided to us during the Training Programme.”


The eight-day Training Programme consisted of more than 35 sessions, 15 plus coaches & guest speakers, more than 20 case Scenarios and exercises, 3000 plus minutes of engagement and more than 150 pages of handout/workbook In addition, a visit to Prasar Bharti, Doordarshan, and Indian Heritage Sites such as the Taj Mahal were also organised for the participants. The participants were familiarized with the “Code of Conduct & Journalism ethics in today’s digital era”, “Ethical Data Reporting”, “Engaging Audience, Narrative Storytelling techniques”, “Reporting during Covid 19 pandemic: Challenges and Sensitivities”, “Art of storytelling” and “Trends in Print and Digital Journalism and New Story Telling Techniques”, amongst others.


During the Valedictory Session, a brief introduction of the Maldives Media Council was presented by Dr. Fathmath Muna, Director General, Maldives Media Council. Brig R. K. Sharma, Director, Amity Institute of Training & Development, welcomed the guests on this occasion and a Report on the Training Programme was presented by Col (Retd.) R. K. Dargan, Advisor, Amity School of Communication. Certificates of Participation were awarded to all the participants and the Programme concluded with a Vote of Thanks delivered by Ms. Priyanka Gairola of AITD.