ADP India celebrates ‘Bring Your Kids To Work’, rekindling the annual ritual post-COVID

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Hyderabad – ADP India, a leading provider of Human Resources Management Software & Services, has celebrated its ‘bring your kids to work day’ today. The annual event was celebrated with grandeur, fun and cheer, owing to the two-year gap of the celebration caused by the pandemic. With over 800 associates and 1200 children in Hyderabad, and over 350 associates and 500 children in Pune, the event was a grand success. Recognizing the importance of family for an employee, ADP India’s annual event brought together associates and their families for a day filled with fun activities, engaging gaming sessions and a delicious lunch for everyone.


ADP India was established in India in 1999, and 23 years later, it has only grown into a big family amounting to 10,500 associates. The bring your kids to work day at ADP is a much-awaited event, and the event preparations started well ahead of time. It creates an opportunity for children to understand the workplace of their parents, to meet their work family and other children through this activity. For ADPeers, it is an event for them to rejoice in togetherness with their families. The pre-celebration included office decor, kids’ area, inflatable play pens, coloring activity, magic show, DJ for kids, lunch in takeaways boxes for associates and their families.


The organization understands the importance a family plays in an individual’s life, hence the family’s involvement the individual’s work life- such as seeing the workplace, environment and blending the part of lives- personal and professional can give an associate the confidence boosts to perform better and make their family proud.


On seeing the huge turnout, Dr. Vipul Singh, Divisional Vice President and Head of HR said, “Our hearts feel so content seeing our employees and their kids part take in the merrymaking activities. This was deeply missed in the pandemic; it has also made us realize our core values- progress through solidarity and Win as One. Witnessing this joy, has only made us confident in our ADPeers family, to achieve our goals, together, supporting one another with the support from their families.”


The Organization is re-starting their initiatives, which had been halted for two years, due to the pandemic. These initiatives help in employee engagement, boosting morale and team building. The annual event concluded on a positive note with play areas, painting zones, and take away snacks for the associates and their families.