1st Foundational Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Test held on 19th March, 2023

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The (FLNAT) under Nav Bharat Saaksharta Karyakram (New India Literacy Programme ) was held on 19.03.2023 across 10 States and UTs in the country to assess the basic Reading, Writing and Numeracy skills of the neo-literates. The youth and students of schools and colleges were involved as volunteer teachers to organize teaching learning activities.

More than 22.70 lakh learners participated in the event of Foundational Literacy and numeracy Assessment Test (FLNAT) so that they can be declared as literates on qualifying. Non-literates of 15 years and above age group included men and women of more than 80 year’s age and proud to hold pen. The learners were extremely motivated for appearing in the assessment test. Maximum number of learners 9,25,854 (female-5,91,421 male-3,34,433) appeared in Madhya Pradesh against the initial target of 5,35,000 learners. The Assessment test was conducted in all 52 districts. In an inspiring incident, in Jhabua, a tribal district of Madhya Pradesh where maximum number of learners 58470 were appeared in the test, a groom Neelesh Vasuniya, village Nawapada, Block Thandla, district Jhabua  stopped his Baarat and appeared in the  assessment test before the baarat was moved for his marriage.

In Rajasthan 5,48,352 learners (female 3,98,418 and male 1,49,934) appeared in the assessment test. The assessment test was organized in the schools of all 33 districts of the state. In Tamil Nadu test was organized in  all 38 districts in which 5,28,416 learners (female 4,36,020, male 92,371 and) appeared. Twenty five (25) transgender of 13 districts also appeared for the test. In Uttar Pradesh, FLNAT was held in all 75 districts. Total 1,46,055 learners appeared in the test. In Ladakh UT Administration , in both Leh and Kargil districts , 7,366 learners appeared in the test.

In other states Odisha 44,702, Jharkhand 48,691, Punjab 10,013, Meghalaya 3000 and Chandigarh (UT) 2,596 learners appeared in the FLNAT.

Nav Bharat Saaksharata Karyakram or New India Literacy Programme is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme approved by the Government of India for implementation during FYs 2022-27. The scheme is in alignment with the recommendations of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. The scheme targets all non-literates of age 15 years and above in the country, with more focus on females and educationally backward states.  It has five components, namely; i) Foundational Literacy and Numeracy, ii) Critical Life Skills, iii) Basic Education, iv) Vocational Skills, (v) Continuing Education. The scheme is to be implemented through volunteer teachers. NYKS volunteers, community, students of schools and Higher Education Institutions and Teacher Education Institution will be involved for teaching learning activities for its effective implementation in the country.

Recently University Grant Commission (UGC) has issued directions D.O. No.2-2/2023CPP-II dated 27th January, 2023 to the Vice Chancellors of Universities and Principals of all colleges in the country for involvement of students/Higher Education Institutions in the implementation of scheme. It is directed that there should be credits for this volunteer activity and the students of teacher training institutes should have mandatory course work for NILP.

The learners are encouraged to access the learning content in local languages in online mode through DIKSHA platform of NCERT. Government/Aided schools registered under UDISE are the units of implementation of the scheme. Certification of learners will be done twice in a year by conducting Foundational Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Tests in collaboration with NIOS.